March 26, 2008

Rhode Island Privatization

I was in RI yesterday listening to Buddy Cianci. He was talking about how, when he was Mayor, he privatized rubish removal. I did not know that. The reason he was discussing this was because the City of Providence is considering selling their water department! In addition Buddy was talking about the Governor's plan to pretty much privatize everything, click here for a good story from the Providence Journal.


Anonymous said...

No comments on this?

"Mr. O’Brien also argued that Allegiant’s departure had much less to do with its success in booking flights out of Worcester (which he maintained was considerable, with an 88 percent seat occupancy rate) than with the cost-cutting demanded by Wall Street as the company went public. "

You even got a mention...

Anonymous said...

Mr O'Brien, with all due respect, may be off base with his Wall St comment

Anonymous said...

Would you expect any politician to publicly admit that Worcester screwed the pooch?

I can pucture the headline:

City Manager says Worcester bilked airline on fuel tax

Simply blame it on some nameless, faceless Wall Street investors.