March 29, 2008

Melbourne, Fl

Great story how the airport their is using their grant monies from the DOT Small Community Air Service Grant to attract Skybus. Here is part:

Incentives such as waived landing fees or marketing dollars could help lure Skybus, which added flights to its three Florida destinations this month.

Melbourne International was awarded an $800,000 grant in 2006, through a U.S. Department of Transportation program aimed at developing air service in small communities. Booker said the majority of that money is still available on a "first come, first served" basis to airlines coming into Melbourne. To attract USA3000 late last year, she said, the airport has so far waived all airport fees other than ground handling charges.


Anonymous said...

The Hack-O-Rama does not exist at FL airports. I've flown into many and they are all pro operations.

That's the difference between here and there.

Anonymous said...

Except Swissport...the best in the northeast bar none!!!!!

Satisfied Customer