March 02, 2008

Worcester Municipal Research Bureau

I looked up a report by them from 1993, click here. It amazes me how much information that we have on hand that is simply left untouched. From page 1:

"If the City, because of its financial constraints, in unable to give priority to funding improvements at the Airport, then alternative forms of governing the Airport should be considered. The options include establishing an authority, leasing the facility to MassPort or a private company, contracting with a private company for management of the Airport, and selling the Airport to run it as a private facility. The City Manager should hire a consultant to determine which of these options is best to secure the future of Worcester Airport."

That was 15 years ago!!! We knew 15 years ago the City of Worcester should not be in the airport business and we did nothing?


Anonymous said...

Bill, it took the council 15 years before they could take City Hospital off of life support.

The reason: They all had friends, relatives, and contributors who were employed ( feather-bedded in many cases) at City Hospital.

Kinda like the Masspike, $25 per hour cashiers with fantastic benefits....meanwhile the average bank teller makes $14 with meager bennies and the average supermarket clerk makes $10/hr. Toll plazas were suppose to come down in 1984......30 years after the bonds to build the Pike were floated.

Anonymous said...

Read the report and have come to the conclusion unless the airport is sold to a private enterprise it will never succeed.
As long as Governmental/political mentality is allowed to reign, there is no incentive to move forward. Status quo is stagnation.It almost seems like a game now after seeing the report as if to say let's see how long we can go until we retire and get a pension, or network to greener pastures.

From 1988 to 1992 100,000+ passengers a year!! No excuse we should have no airlines. None!!

We need new blood up at the airport. Clean slate from top to bottom. If nobody has a direct investment as to the outcome of an operation/business then there's no incentive to change or let others foot the bill while passing the buck!

Direct investment by a private compant= Efficient management and timely decision-making

My two cents (after inflation)