March 28, 2008

Worcester Commons

I was done there yesterday thinking about the skating rink. Sorry it makes about as much sense as a pocket park on the corner of Winslow and Pleasant, when Elm Park is literally two blocks away and Beaver Brook maybe a half mile.

Do me a favor walk around the Commons some day and even walk into the street level of City Hall. Do you feel safe, or better yet would you want your mother walking around by herself? I would not.

Versus spending the monies on a skating rink, we need to put security cameras on Common and around the entrances of City Hall. In addition we need to move the bus stops directly in front of City Hall. Having a constant group of 100 people standing in front of City Hall acts like a blockade.

If we have Federal monies to spend on the Commons, lets spend on stuff like this that will make a difference throw in some benches and other amenities and maybe people will come to the Commons.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you need cameras but maybe just a couple of city police men walking through and moving people along. I know what you mean about not feeling safe. I don't know if it is safety but it is not some place you want to have lunch and feed the birds. Do you see this on the steps of Beacon hill or in Providence? I would say no.

Anonymous said...

I thought the plan was to move those bus stops to the new inter-city bus terminal.

The benches area a Catch 22, unfortunately.

I can recall walking across the common at mid morning years ago there's a bunch of freaks sitting in a circle just passing around a joint in broad daylight..... almost an unofficail Worc Hempfest

But, folks, when is the last time anyone of us crossed Boston Common at 900am.........been years for me and it was worse than maybe we arent all that bad in comparison???

So if guys dont like the looks of what they see around the Hall & Common.............imagine how women feel...esp. if they got a couple of 5 year old kids with them.

We all know women do most of the shopping.........and I am telling you they all head to Solomon, Framingham/Natick, Millbury, Providence, etc.

The only thing that brings me to that area is the Library and city hall.....and it isnt all that often........used to bring car to Bancroft sometimes & wait.......but no more......we really need that City Sq.

Anonymous said...

I am on Boston Common weekly smoking some of that hemp...9:00 A.M. is a beehive of folks from everywhere...gotta get out of WormTown more often Jahn if you are gonna comment about another hood:>)

Boston knows how to deal with losers unlike Worcester that allows it's non-profits to run the show..if Boston non-profit's made similiar statements like ours did about Federal Square and our losers..Menino would get the word out that if they ever embarrassed him and a project again..he would chop there ballls off and banish them to Worcester:>)

Speakin' of hempfest's..the best ones used to be on the green common in front of NY's Statehouse in Albany ..before a Grateful Dead show at the ole Knickerbocker

Anonymous said...

how many waterways in Worcester has a low income housing project on it?

Coes Pond, Belmont Hill pond ??

We do offer alot to the needy in this all accounts they live fairly well..relatively safe city, good bennies..location,location, heavy lifting required, no civic pride required..if I was needy..I'd move here to:>)

Bill Randell said...


There is a group of police that are stationed downtown and they do a good job, but they are only there during business hours.

Bottom line if we have this Federal monies to spend, I would rather see it spent on security and moving of the bus stops then on a skating rink.