March 16, 2008

Airport Questions

I thought this was a good time to come up with some questions for our Airport Liaison now that it has been a full 18 months since Allegiant departed, especially in light of Sunshine Week:

  1. When will the Airport Master Plan be released?
  2. The deadline for the extension on the one parcel of land that went out to RFP ends shortly, has the winning bidder decided to purchase the land or not?
  3. What is the balance left in the Small Community Air Service Grant from the DOT?
  4. Since we did not have 10,000 passengers in 2007, have we lost our status as being a "primary airport" ?

I have e-mailed them today and will put them in the mail tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

5. Assuming we have lost our primary airport status, will we still get the $100,000 annual gift from Washington and if not where will teh city get the money to replace the washington $100,000?

(Think about it...Worc Aiprort = a primary's almost laughable)

Kind a like Little league today.......everyone and every team gets the exact same trophy ($100,000 in the case of ORH) w/o regard to meeting the underlying standards for the trophies (or the $100,000 from washington) Dittos for airport management......all players get their $100,000 salary w/o re: to performance.

Time to take that dog of an airport to the Animal Rescue and give it the Ted Willaims treatment...freeze it until we can decide how we can bring the creature back to life. How can any rational person argue agsianst it? Give it 10 years in the cooler, then euthanize it. Is there any other rational alternative?

How about we build breast feeding rooms at the airport on the hill. Then MOM can take the infants and young kids to the airport to watch for hours on end until a plane lands. Would give the airport more foot traffic at least. We used to do that on Sunday afternoon sometimes when I was a boy........and you only had to wait a short time for a big bird to land of take off.

Bill Randell said...


the gift in question is $1,000,000 not $100,000.

Anonymous said...

Yup, correct...................sorry .......I did know that now that you reminded me.

Some people are just no good at numbers......especially city hall......i mean WTH is one zero

So can anyone help me with my question?

Bill Randell said...


Based on the current mgmt at ORH and the fact MassPort is in no rush to take over ORH. Add the fact that not only are we not talking any other potential suitors, we can not even lease out one parcel of land.

We need to downgrade ORH.