March 01, 2008

Rockford Airport

I have deliberately tried to stay away from these guys, but I had to look. For those new to the blog Rockford is in a very similar situation, secondary airport about one hour from a major airport ( Chicago) with no passenger service after 9/11. Whereas, however, ORH does everything wrong, these guys does everything right. Please note the photo of their airport, imagine if we had that sort of activity at ORH.

Not going to summarize the story, click here, and read the latest as reported by our friend Tom Bona of the Rockford Register.


Anonymous said...

Paulie, I was on Dewey St today. OMG the streets surface looks like it was carpet bombed, esp. from May St to Charlotte St. Likewise for quite a few other streets I traveled today.

What in Buddha's name is that structure hanging over the side walk in front of that temple??

For the record, I saw no PPP's (Paulies Pajama People). Maybe they were still sleeping as it was only 330 pm?

Bill Randell said...


Travel Birch Street between Maywood and Oliver Street. could be one of the worse stretches of road in Main South.


Anonymous said...

they have been working on that for a wee bit now..not sure what it is.

The Temple is a good neighbor...a number of Vietnamese families have claimed Dewey and it has been very positive.

The Temple is Bhuddist..the families surrounding it are Catholic..interesting mix that seems to work - been to Norhern Ireland alot..spent many times in Belfast...taking a long time to work there (some may be able to take a page or two out of a Vietnamese "how to live" book)

Seems roads are poor everywhere this year..we had to have the Barnstable DPW patch a number of potholes on the marathon course last week.

I am more concerned lately about the continued violence in my neighborhood..these so called restaurants & hair salons on Chandler that are alowing thugs to hang within then is quite bothersome to me...the Latino community say's nothing..if I speak up or of the same ilk we are branded racist...the cycle continues as far as I am concerned.

You never hear about a wife hitting her husband over the head with a box of bran muffins at Living Earth or someone getting wapped by a plate of pork fried rice at the new Chinese Restaurant..sheesh I didn't even throw anyone off the 2nd floor deck Friday night at my party and there were 50+ at one time or another and there was plenty of suds flowin'....and we are all on Chandler and able to act/conduct business like civilized folks are supposed to.

I just can't understand the continued violence at the parties, from the restaurants & hair salons and there being no one speaking up except to say "this happen's in the city"..I've lived in the "city" (Cambridge, Charlestown & Somerville) and now Worcester my entire adult life..was born in a tough city..this stuff doesn't happen in all cities..only crappy ones at such a pace...

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering if now (March/pothole season) might be a great time for a group of citizens to approach our councillors regarding an ordinance to be drawn up that would spell out in no uncertain terms when a street or sidewalk surface has reached a condition...........such that it is mandatory the city resurface...........kind of like other ordinaces the city enacts re private property owners and their obligations to keep their property in certains condition.

This ordinace would require immediate action. The lack of money cannot be an excuse, similar to how the city treats private property owners.

This issue has braod appeal city-wide b/c one the most common complaints is the condition of streets and sidewalks. There is a one street on my hood that cannot be walked on in the winter due to the condition of its so called surface and each passing winter the surface becomes more broken up and uneven.

Wonder if the state has rules for minimum quailty standards for street condtitions?

Many of these streets are nuisances, unfortunately the city has exempted itself under the newly enacted nuisance ordinance.

This would be a great issue for a councillor(s) to really get some traction and photo op time, IMO.