March 03, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Seriously when was the last time anyone has heard or seen from our $106,370 per year Airport Director?


Anonymous said...

$106,370? forgot to add in $12,000 worth of health insurance and another $11,000 for pension...........try $130,000 Airport director.

Last I heard he's actaully on Massports he probably is chillin' in the Boston area.

Afterall, why do we need an airport director in Worcester, given the current state of the airport.

For that matter why do we need an airport accountant who's probably costing us another $80,000or $40,000 custodians?

There's no one up there to dirty the place up anyway ....and.......probably not too much money to account for either.

The railroads used to call this featherbedding............when unions required a fireman, who formerly shoveled coal, to still be kept on the payroll when locomotives all went to diesel. The RR's could handle this b/c they were alomost monoplies back in their hayday..............then came the interstate highway system.....and we all know what happened to most of the RR's. Bankruptcy and/or Gov't bailouts like Amtrax.

Maybe the council will seriously address the Worc Airport issue when all the red ink is flowing during budget talks this spring & summer.

Worcester receivership.....circa 2011.....we're actually bankrput now......and have been for years..............but the beancounters have a creative way to avoid calling a $120M pension a true city debt.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "Where's Waldron?"

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Jahn or Paulie recently asking if the WORCESTER PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION still met?

They actually have a booth at this weekend's home show...


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


I am quite disappointed in you. Whether or Airport Director's salary is picked up by MassPort of the City of Worcester, who in the end pays for it?

Yes Rich, it should be "Where's Waldron?".


Anonymous said...

Please do not be disappointed, I did think of that but didnt bother to type it in.

You know my postion on funds that come from it Washington or Boston.......they represent taxes in one form or another...... our fed'l & state taxes s/b lowered and less money sent back to Worcester to be squandered on such things as more low income housing, mortgage counselling for Ninja's, canals, airport terminals, union stations, Blackstone visitor centres, and lead paint education that takes the form of free frisbees, hot dogs, & T shirts give aways at Elm Park.

How about they repave my street and trim the trees. I think these issues are more germain to the quality of life in Worcester than canal rennaissance, shopping cart nazi's, and cleaning up the Federal Sq parking garage for all the Metrowest suburbanites who will descend on The Hand It Over Theater in 3 weeks.

Local money = local control.

You Send a dollar of taxes to Washington and I am supposed to be happy that after they digest it they send Worcester back 59 cents on the dollar to be squadered on frivolous agendas that make good photo-ops.

Kinda like payday when the eagle ++++'s

Anonymous said...

I heard that he is trying to get Richard Branson to turn ORH into a spaceship base. The whole Goddard thing, I guess...

Brendan Melican said...

I love the Goddard Myth. If you guys have discussed it here before than I apologize, but this line from the SpacePort America site has me laughing every time I read it.
1929 Ridiculed for his unconventional ideas, Robert Goddard relocates from New England to Roswell, New Mexico, to build his experimental rockets in peace. He would become known as the Father of Modern Rocketry.