March 29, 2008

Deval Traffic Signs a Book Deal

Potential names:

Coupe Deval (Howie Carr)
Together We Can't
Massachusetts, Don't Bet on It
Patrick, a true Devalcrat
Deval vu
Deval Trafic (Tim Niles)
Devaled Ham (Paulie)
Devalution (Jahn)

Any suggestions...


Anonymous said...

devaled ham:>)

Anonymous said...

Re Police details, does anyone really think this guy is going to do anything significant on this issue. I have read 2 diff stories that say between 5-10M in savings for taxpayer over either 10or 20 that is pennies in the grand scheme of things and note that it's taxpayers who will save......not utilites or construction companies....who pay the lions share of details ............yes I know they supposedly will pass on reduced costs........but the.......Deval's in the Details on this issue....and also if there was going to be real change in this the cops would all call in sick and show up on Beacon hill en masse to protest........IMO it's a wink & and a nod to the cops......with the pols telling the cops that we have to tell the taxpayers we did you might lose 1% of your detail just suck it up for now

It always amazes me that city crews rarely use police details, except, for example, if a pipe bursts at Park & Pleasant or a similar high traffic intersection..........a city tree crew doesnt need a police detail.....but a private tree co hired to cut city trees does require a detail....

Anonymous said...

you are off topic Jahn..this is supposed to be a light-hearted moment for us hard-ass guys:>)

Anonymous said...

BTW Jahn..that is my burnt orange house on the tree lined Chandler:>)

Anonymous said...

Actually as much as I dont care for his politics............I do think maybe we could give the guy a little more time to slide down the political learning curve of Beaconhill.......although the guy has no political experience other than being a gov't lawyer amd he has no chief executive experirnece or both of which s/b a minimum requirement...and let us not forget that we only have Deval thanks to Jim McGovern....who for some reason thought he s/b our next where does this leave Murray in 3 years.....Gov candidate......or Massport, MassPike, or MBTA hack?.........could McGovern's political moves (Deval) be the end of Murray's politcal career.........b/c if doesnt make it to gov.........then whats next?

Nickname Choice: Devolution

Anonymous said...

Devolution..........not devaluation........ 8 months of the deval adminstration is going to be spent on state finances......likewise for Mr Obrien ,too.............its going to hit the fan real good this budget season...........80% pensions & lifetime health ins. are going to be the rope that hangs Worc ......... Low income housing will be the gallows

Anonymous said...

you should have been at the Worcester Synergy Group meeting Thursday at Mahoney's..

They had a city retiree looking for backing on bringing back the bennies..she kept saying "fixed income" I asked what her yearly insurance costs were? $2100.00....yes $2100

I then told her my grandmother worked for the City of Somerville for 30+ years and she also retired on a fixed income of pension, SS, savings, insurance,paid off house, investments--and all as a single parent household..she prepared for her post life as a most of us have to do

These city workers act like they give up their lives for us-dedicated their lives to us and the city..a few in my family have worked in state and local government-uncle worked for the Speaker of the House for years..all happy to have the job:>)

Anyway, I busted up the love session with my questions...$2100 is not unfair to these electrician just got a $300 a month increase..$300 a month!

I was gonna ask her about her investments since she kept stating she was on a fixed income but I didn't as this would have been to personal but if you keep mentioning you are on a fixed income maybe you should be required to prove this or disprove this.

Anonymous said...

Paulie, too many of these city workers have a sense of entitlement that is over the top. Too many of them are self anoited saints b/c they are/were so called civil if they lived and worked a life of being indentured servants.

Problem is they have the city council right by the throat, with the exception of Konnie. With the financail condition thsi city is in there s/b no raises for anyone for the immediate future.

For once Margery Egan is right on target:

Anonymous said...

well we all know that stuff that Margery wrote about..same with School Committee member John Monfredo..all he bellows out is "mas dinero"..never does he bring up these issues and he knows they exist-he may get invited to less dinnah parties if he did..over on Tracy Nowicki's website(hope I got the name right-can't find the site now)she mentions but a mere "$$$" per day/month" more for schools...Thursday night the same formula was used about bringing back the retirees benefits and Jim Braude of Cambridge fame used the formula also in a telecast last week about a proposed $0.11 state gas tax....this only "mere pennies" a day formula has become quite popular with folks who have nevah experienced an original idea!! I like to call it "picking my pocket" little at a time:>)

You are right becomes very evident how entitled most in this city feel:>)

I'm gonna give the City Council an "A+" on this retiree benefit issue...and the same goes for Mick O'Brien and his I commented Thursday at the Worcester Synergy Group meeting...this city is afraid of wants a viable airport yet there is no political or civic will putting in a road that every study has indicated is needed....we won't spend money to take the property needed but we will overpay for low income housing in this city:>) I have to applaud the CC and CM on this issue..there will be some pain but in the end the city will benefit...

If the retirees really wanna know pain..own rental property in the urban core of this city and for 17 years..thats real pain folks:>)

Anonymous said...

Paulie, one that I always remember and I cannot recall who said it re: school funding........was a local pol here i think...............Augustus Maybe???

"it's only one pizza per week"

BTW folks why is Augustus leaving his senate post and it is reported he has no where to go (e.g. MBTA, Massport, the Pike, etc)......something seems to be unusual about this.......esp. given that ED's life seemed to have revolved around "public Service"............anyone know what he did before or during his school committe days?

As Carr tells all the hacks when they think they are underpaid.......find a job in the private sector..........

The thing about the health ins issue is that all city employyes are eligible........the cop with a base pay of $52,000.......or a manager type making $110,000....or a teachers aide making a mere $17-18,000 still get the family plan health ins's deemed a benefit for all for all............w/o re: to it's cost relative what someone me a non government job where one making 18,000k.....gets a family health ins. package thats costs teh city 10-12,000...when you add in the pension........paid days off, sick days, IOD pay, etc..............the bennie package is more than the salary.......thats what is croaking us.......i know someone and their spouse left city employment............and this was 2-3 yrs ago..........they picked up the ins on their own for about 8 months..............the cost $1,385 per month for the former employees family plan ......

Anonymous said...

Ed "I lay my head down on pillows in Boston" Agustus..knows he can use this analogy cause all the Italians have left the city in disgust:>)

Since you mentioned "EA"..I have to say that this issue disgusts me the most and I don't care who he has for be in elected office representing Woircester and not live here is putrid in my mind..this has pissed me off to no end..I think of all the times I have been told to "rah rah" and not be negative all while I have laid down some pretty deep roots in the city and even tho I am as critical as Jahn..I have hope for the see one of the city's reps live in Boston sucks plain and simple..enuf said and I hope that the Big Wigs in this city made this clear to him

Anonymous said...

But Paulie the bigwigs dont elect him, the teachers do.

You suppose he didnt want the continued pressure re: what is alleged to be his real residence?

Wasnt the Herald supposed to come out with a hit piece on him? Did I miss it? I dont do the Herald everyday .

Something isnt right here........just up and leaving office..........after serving as Scholl committeman.......then moving to state senate.......then moving on after 1(?) term.........any no one seems to know where he's going or how he'll pay the bllls on his alleged residences(?).......maybe he hit the lottery or he's pulling a John Kerry and hooking up with some money?

Anonymous said...

he got a dose of Boston and that was enough evidently:>)

I am in Boston 2-4 times a week and yes it is a long ride home at the end of the day..I do it:>)

He could be in trouble if he was claiming one of the condo's as his primary residence..irregardless this city needs full time reps not ladder climbers..who come home to Worcester every I stated many times..wouldn't it have been real leadership investing in one of those available Canal District condo's instead of Boston..or perhaps the leaders of the rah rahs consider us followers the real mummy dummies:>)Those of us actually investing in the city:>)

Anonymous said...

Devalium - As in what happened to the MA economy.

Anonymous said...

The Wayfarer

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out how we went from a property tax reduction and 1000 more police on the street to a property tax hike, less police and NOW a gas tax??????

Were we fooled again by another wolf disguised as a sheep??

Other than rolling out of Chicago real young..what has this lad done to warrant a book worth reading by the general public??

Anonymous said...

Devalky - Someone who drank to much of the cool aid.