March 09, 2008


Is it just me or has the quality of this newspaper dropped immensely? It takes me literally 10 minutes to read the newspaper. The first five minutes I spend trying to find the sections that I want then I read:

  1. Home Section for sold and auction listing
  2. Nick K
  3. Diane
  4. "Super Bore" Nemeth
  5. Browse throught the editorials
  6. Flip through the Sports

Honestly at the most 15 minutes. When was the last time you ever read a true hard hitting investigative story? Oh yeah, another task force was discussed in Nick K's story. Maybe there should be a task force to review all past task forces to see if any of the recommendations of prior task forces have been implemented.

This task force confuses me. We need a task force to identify problem properties. I can easily supply the addresses on what I consider the ten worse properties in the Canterbury Street area and I imagine someone like "Paulie" could do the same in his hood. Why are we wasting time??

Lastly I read Brendan Melican's blog yesterday and I got alot more out of it then the Telegram today. Also clicked on a bunch of his links on the right hand side, very interesting stuff. Put down the Telegram and check out some of the local bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Dave and Mary peeked my curiousity from the March 3rd thread "Fuel Tax At ORH"
Can more than one provider of fuel services really benefit an airport the size of Worcester. My initial answer would have been no.

After "googling" a searcj 7B2 it brought me to a useful tool called . Utilizing the airport fuel prices and plugging in a local zip code brought up a list of airports surrounding Worcester.
Clicked on Dave's suggestion of New Bedford comments section and found positive reaction to both fuel service stations.
Did the same for Boire Field in New Hampshire, Again positive statements. Also cheaper fuel prices.

Worcester could benefit by looking at these two markets as a model .

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I think it's only a question of time before Worc can no longer support a daily paper. The internet has really been eating the lunch of local printed medai outlets nationwide. I read or heard somewhere that the Cinncinatti daily paper circulation dropped 90%since 1995. Also the more low income residents you have, the fewer potential subscribers for a couple of reasons.

I read the weekly paper in less than 3 mins standing over the kitchen table as I exit the house in the morning, unless something catches my eye in the obits, editorial or local news. My problem is that after reading it, I run here and start lambasting some of the foolishness that I just read about and typing takes time, raises my blood pressure, & shortens my lifespan as I fume about the topic at hand.

Bill, we may need a task force, b/c otherwise buildings inspectors will have nothing to do as new constr comes to a virual standstill and layoffs/terminations at Meade St are unheard of........unless (per the T&G) one sues their boss and loses. Rumor has it, inspectors showing up drunk will also get you canned after the 3rd strike.

Anonymous said...

Took a gander a fuel prices . Noticed Worcester the third highest after Bedford and Boston?

How can other airport charge a dollar or more less.

Anonymous said...

Times are certainly changing.

The T&G online version is pretty much unusable for classified ads. Why would I place an ad with them if it is not seen online as well?

Also, did anyone else simply throw their new phone book if the recycle bin without opening the plastic wrapper? Thanks for keeping those rates up, Verizon.

Anonymous said...

"Also the more low income residents you have, the fewer potential subscribers for a couple of reasons"

the fewer book stores, the fewer modern hip stores, the fewer cafes,fewer everything jahn..not enough folks with money in the city at all to support anything..we keep importing mummy dummies and exporting quality minds like all the youngsters being educated here the trend will only get worse...why our Pols do not understand this is beyond me????

Anonymous said...

you can't buy a pair of damn good quality sneakers in the city...I have to drive to buy a Wall Street Journal and I live in the city..

What can be more evident of failed social policy than to walk around the urban core of the city..

give up on the airport lads..there are not enough folks in the city to financially support one and this is the reason we do not have a commercial carrier to far off exotic locations..if we had the money then the money would flow to us..basic even be chatting about the economic pull of Charlton & Oxford is ridiculous (I am not mocking the two communities).

The Airport had it's shot and blew it with Allegient..probably didn't blow it ..cause we just do not have the economic resources in this city to support such stuff.

Anonymous said...

Paulie, it's all Washingtons fault.......w/o Mc Governs Money for low income more would get built. We have too much already.

Many cities across the country are demolishing housing projects built in the 40 & 50's and replacing them with LESS DENSE HOUSING.....but Worceser in the infinite wisdom of community deveploemnt Corporations are building MORE DENSE LOW INCOME HOUSING.

THis great for only the self centered Low Income Housing Pimps and Teachers union. Other than that it's fiscal disaster and no one at city hall will put a stop to it.

Why does a medium sized city like Worc nedd 8 or 10 non prfits inundating us with ANYMORE low income housing....never mind the very intensive (dense) land use low income housing.

Jim Mc Governs housing polices for Worc will break teh bank sooner or later...........but WTH does he care........he lives miles away from it......and will be near or at retirement when the fallout from his failed social policies completely destroys Worcester.

Keep the bacon in Washington We dont want it.

Anonymous said...


Jahn Dough

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree w/ you Paulie about Allegiant. There were plenty of people who supported Allegiant and would support future commercial airlines to "exotic" far away places...especially golf and family vacation packages.
They probably just don't live around you.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic. In fact I understand you're upset because your preoperty values have declined, property taxes go up, and the quality of people you envisioned living in your properties no longer would want to live in your area.

Fortunately the only hope for Worcester Airport is the outlying towns surrounding Worcester. It does need new blood to attract and develop this asset.Hopefully it has one life left to live.


Anonymous said...

"Optomistic"..I am a real estate investor..I have dealt with the ebbs and flows of investing for 20 years..I am not disappointed about declining real estate values right now..I have always bought smart-well almost but even in Worcester I bought all of my real estate in the early 90's for nickels..I am more worried about Worcester missing the next real estate boom-it has essentiallly missed the last two..

I am worried that the future of Worcester Urban is it's immediate 20 year past..not positive...the city can not survive as it is currently constituted...nothing more to be said...we need some new young leaders living in the urban core of the city and some of them need to be Puerto Rican..

I disagree with you on the airport..Paxton/ al can not support commercial service..if it could we would have a active commercial comments about the city not having to suppport the airport gets to the core of my opinion of the current political/leadership/attitude of the city...for to long the urban core has been sacrificed to the point of sacrifice as long as the problems did not effect the toney parts of the city..well now they are..we have terrible schools, crime that used to not happen on the west side is service programs heading that way..gang signs at Newton to some on the west side of Park and many will tell you that the crime/grime is moving that way..people do not look at urban style living like they do within Greater Boston, Haverhill, Providence, New instead of having city dwellers who travel, shop, work, send their kids to local school, eat out:>) are educated..we have a city of unemployable folks-no education, can't speak English, Dollar Stores, no money to fix sidewalks

Anonymous said...

Good points Paulie, but aside from Paxton and Rutland there is Shewsbury, Holden ,West Boylston, Clinton, Boylston many other communities that support and have supported the airport in the past and could again in the future.

It's a team effort