March 09, 2008

Blog Story

Good story in the Boston Globe how various elected officials throughout the Commonwealth now have blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Just think, most pols (esp. locals) may eventually be forced to blog, if the demise of newspapers continues. How else would the city council, for example, communicate with constituents?

If Deval, Murray, & McGovern announce on a Monday, a new casino for the junction of the Pike & Rte 56, how would the photo op be publicized if the T&G is merely a Sunday paper 5 years from now. Remember most pols are attention whores.

They say the 20 something generation doesnt really read newspapers and instead uses the internet (and Leno/Letterman monologues?) to get their news.

Imagine if the T&G became almost irrelavant and had to bow at the altar of "FLY ORH.Com"