March 07, 2008

City Cuts

Follow-up on one of Jahn's comments. I was able to pick up the InCity Times and read Tony Hmura's comments regarding cuts. Here goes:

  1. UniverCity Partnership receives 35,000 from the City of Worcester. I disagree with Tony. This agency is exactly what they City of Worcester needs, but we have the wrong guy running it. If they do not change the Executive Director then I agree with Tony cut the $35,000
  2. Airport Liaison. Agree with Tony.
  3. School Department. I have no clue on this department

Let me add a couple good cuts by the City of Worcester already:

  1. SkyBridge
  2. $3,000,000 for City Hall renovations

Lets add a couple more:

  1. Skating rink on the Commons
  2. Chamber of Commerce: does the City of Worcester contribute any monies here
  3. Worcester Wayfinder, or wayfarer, program
  4. ADDED BY WORCESTERITE: Is there a City Square Liaison?

Lastly what is up with the Route 146 Visitors Center, aren't we suppose to start that soon?


Anonymous said...

My post of few days re: trash haulers & the city messenger was answered by one "Wocesterite"................probably a city employeee. This person mentioned a $65,000 City Sq liason and asked what this position is nnede for? Writer makes a good point......if this does exist do we reaaly need it at this time?

Anonymous said...

In yesterdays (Thursday) legals, if one reads between the lines, it seems the proposed site of Blackstone Valley Visitor center is accessible only by helicopter.......b/c it says the city needs to lease or take by emiment domain certain properties to make the site accessible???? I reading this right.......can this maybe this is the delay???

Bill, can I add Goral Opticians, Elite Billards, a Vietnamese Nail Saloon, an African American American hair saloon, and a hip hop barbershop (all per Womag) to the list of the departed or soon to be departed Worc. businesses? TY

In the interest of fairness & full disclosure it s/b noted this site will re-habbed into a restuarant for Hanover Theatre patrons........which patrons (as per Womag) would probably not frequent other nearby eateries such as The Red Baron, The Ding Ho, and The White Tower (Main & Madison). How could Womag forget Coney Island & The Miss Worcester Diner?

God, such snobbery.

Wonder if the new restaurant will get a pass on any add'l sewer fees they have to pay as the result of generating more inflow to sewer system? Stay tuned? Will the council or DPW just broom these fees?

Worsterite said...

The fee structure and building codes only exist for those who are not connected enough to get people to look the other way.There are several businesses in the city that get to play by a whole seperate set of rules

Anonymous said...

Worcesterite, please give us some names of the alleged connected people/businesses that are getting a pass, besides the Hanover & the Low Income Housing Pimps (LIHP's)


Worsterite said...

it is not a matter of names its a culture,but if you want some examples start with Mcfaddens(Tim Murrays college roommate)when they were first opening they were given a huge temporary occupancy per order of cityhall even though they were not completed to any codes. one city developer has been granted two liquor licences and has not opened either facility one license was approved in october of 2006 an still has not opened.when questioning a building inspector about a problem in my neighborhood that was definitely a code violation the inspector said he wished he could help but the violator was the kind of person that cost city workers their job if they crossed him the wrong way and with knowledge of this person i believe that.At Washington square they sell a building for $100 while landlocking a business to make it almost impossible for them to thrive. Speaking of Washington Sq wasn't that reconfiguration engineering genius

Bill Randell said...


Think Worcesterite is referring to Mr Lahoud's license in Union Station, which we are floating something like a $700,000 bond to retrofit??

Some of the other stuff I am not sure, but I need to agree I not sure I really get the whole Washington Square reconfig either??

Anonymous said...

I have lived through 3 Worcester Commons (maybe 4) and 3 or 4 Lincoln Sq's, as I recall from my Boys Club days.

That Washington Sq roundabout was dreamed up awhile back and the coucil didnt like it. Not sure WTH the council gets involved in Road design? Mr Phil Palmieri ( Democrat-Shopping Cartville) was especially vocal about it and hooted and screamed and hollered about the initial roundabout design. Rumor has it that has owns or owned property in the area???

Worcesterite, if you want to see some special treatment, you should see all the passes that these non profit housing groups get. I once complained about something and I was gently told by a higher up at City Hall, that they felt my pain....but......"No body messes" with this particular group. The person wholeheartedly agreed with my position.