November 22, 2010

Casey return flight

Landing much softer in Worcester.   Overall the convenience of flying out of ORH was great, but the quality of the actual plane, and flight itself, could be much better.  Next time she flies she will look at the prices from a JetBlue and compare them against Direct Air.


Steve Foley said...

I don't think the quality of the flight really has anything to do with the chosen airline. Quality of the flight is usually dependant on the weather. If I recall, we had some really gusty weather last week.

Bill Randell said...


By quality of flight think she meant the crew attitude, the conidtion of the plane, TV monitors or no TV monitors ....

My wife has flown out of Worcester on Direct Ait and this was pretty much her same feelings. Convenience of ORH and the facilites at both ORH and Sanford were excellent. She also was not happy with the planes themselves.

I wish Direct Air had been able to keep the relationship with Virgin.


Anonymous said...

"I wish Direct Air had been able to keep the relationship with Virgin."

Amen Brothaaaaah Randell!

Harry T

Bill Randell said...

I have never had anyone complain about the facilities.

I have heard some minor complaints about the luggage and drink fees and sometimes a little late landings.

The biggest complaint without a doubt has been 1) long hold time when you call in and 2) the quality of the planes.


Jahn said...

Then I wonder why Murray was quoted in Sundaes paper as saying something about upgrades at the airport. Pinkie ring building trades guys need some work at Taft Hartley pay rates???

How about they get a restaurant up there so the next flight that gets grounded before take off has some place other then Hot Dawg Annies to buy food from for the stranded fliers.

Anonymous said...

There is food at the airport now.

Anonymous said...

Directair is horrible and after flying with them several times now I must say I do NOT feel safe on these planes. The rides are always bumpy, the landings are so hard im surprised the landing gear does not collapse! I have a bad feeling about this airline.