November 18, 2010

Conveyor Belt

Need one .. Anyone have suggestions.   


Paul Shea said...

Bill, it looks like you can rent conveyor belts from United Rental.

Click on find equipment, then select "forklifts and material handling" and several conveyor belts come up.

Bill Randell said...


Thanks. Need one permanently.


Dirty Harry Circa 1975 said...

Try the Grafton St Shaws b4 CSX razes the place. I have to think they'er going to be salvaging lotsa items outta that building....which items were used for what 18 to 24 months and havce useful well in excess of that.

Howevaaaah Caveat Emptor.........[ Brendan that's buyer beware :) ]...bring your 44 Magnum wth the 12 inch barrel before venturing to that area. I am telling ya that genral area is fast becoming Main South II