November 10, 2010

Next Assistant City Mgr

Lets assume for second that Julie were to get the Auburn Town Manager job, who would you recommend to be our next Assistant City Manager and don't say there will not be one.     This is a vital position and needs to be filled... 


Jahn said...

S/b filled from the outside.

IMO a Nationwide search s/b done and this search s/b commenced without regard to if JJ gets the Auburn job or not. IMO, it s/b on Monster.Com right now.

IMO this has the signs of being the departure of another important women in MOB's admin. The first being the gal who made the mistake of moving into the Code Dept head honcho position and failing to provide req'd handi-cap parking at the Code Dept, a city department that is tasked with reviewing building plans, for amongst other things, adequate handicapped parking (again do as I say, not as I do), only to have her realize what a hornets nest that place is. She left not too long after for a job with some local non profit........Girls Scouts comes to mind, but I dont think that was it. Someone help me here. Girls Club?

Jahn said...

Konnie says (per T&G) that Lincoln Sq has the potential to become one of the most attractive urban interestions in the country once the remake of the AUD and court house are completed. Please define attractive, especially in the context of that concrete monstrosity called WPD headquarters. Christ they should have left the old Valhalla, Hedlund Sheet Metal, and the diner next door there and put the police station Main South or 224 Chandelier St.

Nicole said...

I know who I'd recommend but I'm not saying. And I know at least one person who would agree with my choice.

Jahn said...

Nicole please give us either the inital of the persons first or last name. I will not sleep until I know it :).

Please remember this is Econ. Dev'ment and not necessarily dev'ment in the sense of putting up more structures, although often new econ. devment = new structures being erected or at least that's a perception in this city.....which...... I guess kinda begs the question, is razing Worc Center and putting up new buildings in its place truly a dev'ment of any kind? What has been gained? Demolishing a 40 year old structure and replacing it with smaller, newer structures........which will then in turn cannibalize a major tenant from an existing site near by downtown.

Jahn said...

Would someone please explain to me why I have to subsidize a private commmercial property dev'er to the tune of $552,000 because the dev'er under estimated his re-hab costs?

This North Main St TIF is sweetheart deal between the DA's office, the dev'er, & the city.

Also how many people work in the DA's office and how many parking spaces are req'd and how many parking spaces does this plan allow for. I recall visiting Palsons over the years (the TIF building is behind the old Palsons site) and parking at that location is at best weak to non-existent.

My recollection is that the place used to be a wallpaper store? How many more times are the city taxpayers going to be unrolled, cut, pasted, and hung on the wall to dry b/c a dev'er basically F'ed up?

Nick K, you did decent job on getting some of the detailed numbers on this TIF deal in the T&G. Thanx.

I am still looking for an update on how much this Clark University Pilot payment really is to the city. I say it's more in neighborhood of $100,000 and not the amount of $262,000 which is the figure that keeps popping up in the media and at CC meetings.

Nick, maybe you're just biding your time and waiting for the entire TIF deal to kick in and a year from now you will publish an up date on how much the city DIDNT get from Clark. If you dont do it, maybe Shaun or Tom can give it some ink b/c IMO this at the very least, borders on lack of full disclosure to the taxpayers. S/b an easy column, as I already published on this blog a list of Clark property that will no longer be taxable. Thanx

And now councilor Toomey wants the city to look into more bike paths. This logic baffles me to no end. Even if Beacon Bill & Washington DC pay for the bike path who is going to maintain it. The city by its own admission cant keep the streeets paved properly nor maintain the parks and now we're going to be burdended with bike path up keep.

Opppppps wait........these bike paths make great littel hideaway spots for underage drinking. We can send The Holy Crosss drunkards to the wooded bikepaths and buy over priced, high tech, Big Belly trashcans to accomodate their disposal needs...assumning here of course the HC kids dont care about their nickel cans. And why not a couple of Yellow Boxes for needle disposal, as the druggies always like out of the way places to shoot up.

Nick K, you did decent job on getting soem of teh detailed numbers on this TIF deal

Anonymous said...

Why is it the job of the City manager to comment on the whther or not Holy Cross pays PILOT? Too much emphasis by certain politicians has used town-gown diviseness for win more votes. What is the City doing to encourage students to participate in the downtown Worcester experience?---jpm01609

Jahn said...

ANONYMOUS, i AGREE , the pols use the town/gown thing in a divisive fashion. They're pols, what more can we expect?

Anonymous, you ask what is the city doing to encourage students to participate in the downtown experience? Surely you jest?? I am not so sure what downtown experience you're referring to?

a. the closed up mall?

b. the Main St vacant store fronts?

c. the Common (non existing) winter night ice skating expereince?

d. McFaddens?...closed

e. The Hanover...their shabby dress is not welcome there.

Maybe you're referring to the North Main St expereince....a.k.a. District Court? or

Maybe you're referring the South Main St expererince...a.k.a. potential clientle for the PIP? What could be better and more convienent?
Close up the Salty Dawg at 130am Sunday morning......stumble over to Coney for 3 early Sunday Morning dogs w/mustard & relish..then stumble over to the PIP

OPSSS youre WRONG JAHN.!!!!!!that wont work.........doesnt the PIP require everyone to be in house by 800 pm ( unless teh WPD picks you up and brings you their special delaivery.

Coney Island does still stay open till teh weee hours of the morning?

Nicole said...

Jahn -- if you come to the blogger beer at Vincent's on November 17, I'll tell you.

Jahn said...

Nicole, I already know the answer. :)

Vincents, that's huge night club off 128 down in Randolph or Quincy area for the 20 something crowd.

What's a sweet senorita' from Worcester doing in that place?

I know a statie who used to make it a habit to "patrol" ( a.k.a. as girl watching) their parking lot especially at closing time along with the local constabulary who also worked details there. Rumor had it the local yockel police used to argue over who was going to get the Vincents de"tail"

Regardless TY for the offer. I have to remain anonymous if I am going to be a candidate Worc Econ. Dev'ment office. Potential new Econ Dev. hires who are also hatchetmen who have to watch their backs. I wouldnt bring a broom to that office.......instead I'd go next door to the Worc Center demolition site and borrow the Caterpillar 345 excavator/grapple and a 45 ton haul truck and drain that 44 Front St swamp, including all the peatmoss (deadwood)

BTW folks, seriously (as Wild Will would say) should a nationwide search be done for this position? Y or N?

David Z. said...


The Vincent's that Nicole is referring to is on Suffolk Street here in Worcester. You really need to get out more often and explore what the city has to offer. :)

Jahn said...

David, David, David, TY for jarring my memory.........I do(did) know of that Vincents locale and completely forgot about it just opposite David Clark Company............formerly known as Graton & Knight?

100 yards down the street is Cicero's. I need to own a Harley :).

Thanks agian David for getting that Vincents out of my subconscious.

Nicole said...

David - thanks for protecting my (somewhat limited) honor. :)