November 26, 2010

Next Blogger Bash

Here are the details for our December blogger get-together:

day: Wednesday December 8th, 5:30ish
place: Panera Bread, 120 Gold Star Boulevard


Jahn said...

Buy Worcester, Buy Local...........Gold star bakery right across the street.

Why send a franchise fee to Panera bread

Nicole said...

Jahn -- I'd had a bunch of recommendations for venues, but all of the locally owned choices were better for breakfast than for the evening. (In fact, the Crown was probably my first choice if we were meeting in the morning.)

Next time, it'll be locally owned. The choice, however, was mine & not Bill's, so you can direct any hate mail to me :)

Jahn said...

Hate mail..LOL.

Nick Coal, surely you jest... Cole in you stocking in 27 short days :)

Bill is used to my bashing. He knows how to handle it, be it Holden, be it SJ's, be it he and Pualie Piedmont, etc.

So today I go to Sams club (in Worc.) and get hit up the by Montachusetts ROTC for a raffle ticket for a fin. When I 1st saw their table set up I thot it was high school kids solicting for the Worc Public schools........when i saw the ROTC sign , I marched directly toward them altho i was surprised to see it was Montachuesst which is in the Fitchburg area. Some scholl based endeavors I will not donate to. I do have my reasons and it aint b/c I am Scrooooge.

In the same vein, WCRN has been broadcasting from Whitney Fields Mall ( formerly Searstown MAll for old geeezers like Bill) which is in Leominster for the last week or so and I was left with the impression WCRN ( Worcester NOT? ) may be there or in some other Metro west shopping venue again doing broadcasting during the Haul-Ahhh-Daize season.

So i thot to myself, this speaks volumes about what Worc does not have. Worc doesnt even have a large enough, well populated commercail shopping venue for a Worc. Based radio station to set in during the Holiday shopping this is truly a shame!!!!!.....and City Sq as I understand it thus far will not be an esp. large retail area?????? i said, as I understand it. MAybe David can enlighten me further? TY.