November 11, 2010

My Nominations for Assistant City Mgr

1)  Jahn---why not?

2)   Buddy Cianci--look what he did in Providence.   He can do the an afternoon radio show on WCRN to compete against Jordan at WTAG
3)  Tim Cahill--  he was promised a job?

1 comment:

Jahn said...

Tim said he will not be taking any state jobs.

A T&G blogger today says the scuttle butt is Tim will take a federal job compliments of Devals pal Barack.......unreal ...huh

Or I guess to TAKE this idea to a similar conclusion Tim will not take state job.....but instead will take a city of Boston Job or Massport authority job or a Mass water Resources Authority job..ALL OF WHICH ARE NOT STATE JOBS.......

I mean think about it......who in their right mind would give up a nice sinecure as Teasurer, to which I am sure he would have been re-elected, to run for a governor job you have no chance of winning.