November 08, 2010

Tim Cahilll Herald Story

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Jahn said...


"Hello, Cahill residence, Tim speaking"

"Good Morning Tim, this Is Jessica from the Herald and I was wondering about the possiblity of stopping by to see you today"

"Sure Jess, I'll be around all day. Jess, What happpend to Howie? He must be on a book tour this weekend? What time did you have in mind?"

"Tim, How about 200pm today"

"Sure Jess. I'll be waiting for you."

TIm then quickly hops in teh shower and then hops into his car and head for Lowes to buy a rake and get back home quickly

2 hrs later Jessica arrives whilst Tim has in the meantime accumulated a large pile of raked leaves in his front yard.

Campaign season is over. Time to move on from the acting and role playing.

Tim says he PLANS to leave the gov't sector. RIGHT........and what go to work as a lawyer when Deval hands him lots of state gov't lawyering work?

D13 said...

I think it laughable when people link Tim and Patrick.

Tim was in it to win it, then as things got out of hand and his inner circle stabbed him in the back he stayed in the race.

If he left it would have made him look beholden to Baker. Tim couldn't win so he went down with his ship.

On another not to think that every vote for Tim was a Baker vote is in itself laughable.

Jahn said...

D13 said:

"Tim couldn't win so he went down with his ship."

The perspicacious captain (or person) typically thinks logically and re-assesses the situation once his crew chiefs have jumped ship and it becomes apparent the ships staff have been effectively neutered.

The fool tinks illogically, risks his ships staff, and ultimately joins others in Davey Jones Lockeroom.

There is a time to know when to fold them.........a fool and the taxpayers camapign funding is soon parted.

D 13, agreed a Tim pullout did not nec. mean a Baker win.

D13 said...


You say there is a time to fold them but realistically this most likely is Tim last hurrah. He doesn't need a state job so why pull out when all your chips are on the table?

I think he did a terrible job picking his co-pilot as Losscoco is nothing more than a weasel.

It could also be argued that Cahill out campaigned Baker all together.

In the end Baker lost it for himself. He was a terrible candidate, who thought he had this in the bag.

Jahn said...

D 13, I grant you Baker doenst have the persona of a deval patrick. Patrick is a professional politician and knows how to act. Baker is not an actor nor a professional politician.

When u say tim doesnt need a state job are you saying he's retiring?

I cant wait to see the rage on Devals face when all the Washingotn DC MONEY that pours into Massachusetts for all our non profits, colleges, hospitaLS, r&d, low income housing , substantailly slashed or elimnated if and when earmarks end up like Worcester Center.

D13 (T2) said...


I wouldn't say retire maybe go the Scott Harshbarger, teach university for a while maybe do some pundit work.

I just don't think Cahill is desperate for a job.

Baker's claim to fame is saving Harvard Pilgrim. How did he do this..He cut benefits, made layoffs, and raised rates. Couple that with his connections with the big Cary Grant couldn't act his way out of that.