November 03, 2010

The Day After

What can you say?     It is going to be a rough budget year for the Commonwealth.  Lets hope that spending is cut versus more taxes.

We will see.


Steve Foley said...

My beer budget just increased by 6.25%

Chris said...

Cut spending, Your kidding right? We had a chance to lower a tax and we failed again. Hang on to your wallet because the Patrick administration will do nothing but raise our taxes.

Anonymous said...

What are you smoking Bill?

Taxes are on the way up and services are on the way down.

Why? The DemocRATs are a one trick pony and that is the only thing that they know how to do.

Jahn said...

Re the T&G article on Neighborhood crime meeting in T&G on Nov 4th

Can you say SPIN CITY?

Police dept points out the 24% and 29% drop in aggravated domestic and simple domestic assualts can be attributed to "increased focus across the dept on domestic assualt".

Police dept then goes on to speak about shooting stats which are up 15%..........and rather than focus on the obvious increase......we are told to compare Worc stats to similar sized cities like Prov & Spfld.

Priceless.....when the stats are favorable the WPD attributes it to their work....when stats are unfavorable we're told to look 35 miles south or 35 miles west for an explanation.

These folks should work in the private sector when it comes to accountablity

Jahn said...

Cut spending I agree 110%

Then i open up todays rag and front & center there is the research bureau saying the teachers are looking to continue paying only 20% of their Health ins. costs and want an 8.5% 3 year contract.

Then I hear re Todays labor and unemployment report teh area with teh largest job growth again was Washiington DC. I tell you the next civil war is going to gov't employees vs private sector employeees. It going to be the Civil War Battle of Washington & (the) Conquered .

I read Tuesday that semi socialist Great Britain will cut 500,000 gub'mint jobs by 2015.

Too bad all our city councilors do not heed teh WMRB's findings.

Lets start by out sourcing all city custodial jobs to the private sector starting with the 4 "high" schools.

Next up the WFD......when not fighting fires they will be required to do routine DPW types maintenance work around the city at DPW laborer pay. Bring the fire truck loaded with picks, shovels, and wheelbaroows with you. That way the trucks are in the hood where the fires are. Also no more 1st responder status.

1st responder status happens when u have to go to your boss and say we aint got enuff work to keep us busy so we wanna run 24 ton ambulances all over Hells Half Acre(a.k.a. Worc)

I was in the middle of a street constr site last summaaaah only to be ordered to the side of the road so ER vehilces could pass. 1st the UMass ambulance, then a cop car, then the 16 ton ambulance, then another cop car from a diff direction. Thats 8 personnel deployed to a some foolish slip & fall accident, meanwhile what happens when my house has caught fire and the 16 ton ambulance now has to make its way 2.5 miles to my house b/c the 16 ton fire truck (ambulance) is on the outer limits of the city vs. 1 miles if it was in fire barn. It's what they call in Fire Science 101 "simultaneous events" event of which (the slip & fall event) is a manufactured (make work) response by the WFD.