November 27, 2010

May & Main Street Construction

There has been all sorts of work in the street on Main Street in the May Street area and on May Street itself for the past couple of months.  This got me to thinking.

Wonder if all of this work is being done for Common Ground's latest low income housing development that had all the troubles with the sewerage backing up into the basement when there was heavy rain?  It almost makes sense.

Can anyone out there find out?  If so wonder who is paying for it ??


Anonymous said...

General Steve Patton's (toilet)tank divisions making a strategic move?!

Anonymous said...

May and Main isn't as bad as Newton Square has been this year.


Anonymous said...


MGM Grand at Foxwoods beat Worcester to the punch with an ice skating rink:

Coming in December

Don’t miss the opening of our new Grand Rink, an outdoor ice skating rink located at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods near the pool. We supply a heated tent with benches, warm beverages for purchase, skate rentals and cubbies. Add some music and lights and that’s a recipe for fun!
Open December, January and February
Sunday-Thursday 2pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday Noon-12am
Tuesday's Dream Skate (Skate for free with Dream Card)
Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Children under 12 also skate for free on Dream Skate Tuesdays

Harry T

Bill Randell said...

Newton Square Pumping imporvements have been, excuse the pun, in the pipeline a long time. There simply was too much flow coming in from this section of the City, Holden and Rutland which caused back-ups in low lying areas of Newton Square.

I just want to know why we are doing all these improvements on May and Main Street.

Steve Foley said...

Harry, the rink at Foxwoods was open last night. There were only two people using it though.

Anonymous said...

Heck, downtown Tampa, FL has a new outdoor skating rink. Wazzup wit dat?


Jahn said...

Will, I'll have an answer on this topic tomorrow morning, (I hope) or an evasion of any knowledge of of Main/may st work.

Well well....... I guess it's HAP-PEE Happy Holidays time in Main South......where most people dont even give a ++++

One has to wonder if Elmer Fudd bucks were desiganted for this May/Main Sts. sewer system upgrade.......which Elmer Fudd bucks could have instead been used to install new macadam on me street.

Maybe this enlarged pipeline will also be able to handle some of the human debris that frequents that area, including butt not limited to..... the druggies, the PIP peeps, The Hades Angels, the Ho's, and the Jahns :).

And Also, now Worc. has handle all the crap that flows into in the city from Rutland..........and HOLDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!.........Gimme a break........esp. those peopel from Holden who according to Lady Di.........their ++++ doesnt stink :)

Jahn said...

Sorry, but I was unable to get what we really need here which is what exactly is going on there and I would like to know who is paying for this and where the money came from.

All I could find out is that there are 2 projects in that immediate area.

1. "doing something for that Worc Common Grd building"

2. May to Herman St is another project (sewer line work I think) that will be on line soon. No defitnte date but my guess is next constr season. Might possibly be a relining of the swere lines vs replacement.

In memory of Jeff, I will not, as some would say, be cynical nor sarcastic about this. I call it being realistic. I will say that I am certain Jeff would give us great details about this latest BIC at Main & May Sts. (Bump Installation Crew).

RIP my cyber amigo.

Jahn said...

Sorry, I hit send too fast. If Worc is paying for this, wouldnt it have come before the city council? Bill, I think you do follow the coucil agenda raterh closely?????

Now if Washington or Beacon Hill gave WGC the money for this work then it is very much beneath the radar and a bit more stealthy.

I have to think it is costing in the 10's of thousands at a minimum for work, maybe 100's thousands of thsi nature and WGC cant just come up with that kind of money on the spot. Plus add in whatever WGC spent on that tresspassing, above ground, possibly illegal sewer line they built awhile back (evidently with DPW aprroval?), the big orange one.

We neen Wiki-leaks here in Worc :)

Jahn said...

OUCH, Mike O brien really taken to task today in teh letters tot he editor re HC parties. I tend to agree with the lettre writers and even said that here in a blog last week.

The last of the 3 letters really NAILS IT ...........says Pilot payments are a "municipal toll" the colleges are expected to pay "to make up for the shortcomings of fiscally irresponsible city and state officials"

I have said time & again on here that no way would I give a nickel to a city to Pilot program until the city cleans up its inefficient and wastefull use of taxpayers money. Dittos to giving money to the shcool systems for the exact same reason.

Let's start with the reported 600 city employees who are out Injured on Duty status.....per a city councilor on the radio a year or two ago. Thats 1/8 of the city workforce.