November 08, 2010

More pols dancing


Jahn said...

A couple of days ago on thsi Magical Mystery tour Obama said India actually creates jobs for the USA? MMMMMM...ok this is possible, but how many jobs do they take away? The man always speaks in 1/2 truths.

Obuma said: "Health care bill will not add one, single dime to deficit"

Another Technically correct 1/2 truth, instead of adding one dime it will instead add trillions $$$$ to the nat'l debt

Anonymous said...

Obama is exactly where he needs to be. We need to build our coalition of support against China. It starts in India... this is a must. There is our best option for expanding our exports in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Why are you postin this video? What are you trying to say? That he is black and that he dances? Is this a Fox News Blog or a Worcester Airport Blog?

Bill Randell said...


I posted the video because I thought is was kind of funny?


Jahn said...

Anonymous, why would you want to build a coalition of support against China, when China is the one who buys all/most of our debt in the form of T Bills, Treasury notes, etc? For you public school kids, that means they lend us all of our money.

Would you want to build a coalition against the next bank that you're going to get a mortgage from?

Sorry I do not understand where you're coming from?