November 25, 2010

Happy T-day

Couple notes on city politics:

  1. Lowest residential rate will get approved again
  2. There will be a strong push to tax to the mask
  3. Local Aid cuts will be worse then expected because Commonwealth revenues will not hit targets

Going to be a tough year at the both state and local governments to come up with balanced budgets.   


Anonymous said...

"Tax to the Mask?" meant to say "tax to the max" didn't you? Tryptophan OD has surfaced in the Randell household! ... either that or the city is trying to run the Halloween Outlet out of town!


Harry T

Jahn said...

I saw a big sign in front of the Halloween Outlet last week.

I'll swear on a stack that it said 6000 sq ft for lease. Sitting in traffic there for 30 seconds, i thot to myself thats about the size of building the HO is in? Maybe a 70 x 80 ft building?

Harry musta taken off his Holloween mask on Nov 1st and scared em right outta town????????

Jahn said...

DEC 14, 2010

AGENDA: Current Fiscal Year 2011 Tax Rate

A.K.A. Bad Boy Bandell
Also in Attendance: Paulie Piedmont, The CBA Bad-Asses, and the Worcester Shame-(ber) of (No) Commerce

To the (Un)Respected members of the City Council:

Ladies & gentlemen, I stand here before you tonight to advise that I am opening a new locally owned store here in Worcester. My fiscal (business) year will be July 1 to June 30.

This is a unique new venture that encourages all Worcester citizens to shop my store from July 1 to Dec 31, the first 6 months of my business year and buy at last years prices (a.k.a. next years "estimated" prices). Then on December 14th, after I have finalized my expense budget 5-1/2 months into my fiscal year, I shall then determine what prices I should have charged you for your purchases at last years prices and I shall bill you accordingly on Feb 1st and May 1st to "adjust" for my underpricing the last 6 months.

I have no other way to do business because I have to wait 5+ months every year for the state to certify my budget. This occurs regularly, about this time, every year; not unlike Holy Cross drunks urinating in public on College Hill. Additionally, this fiscal year I am installing new software which also has slowed down the process.

I ask you councilors if you'd please patronize my store. FYI, I am the only store in town, you have no other choice! So KMA

Thank you ladies & gentlemen of the Worcester City Council.

Two hours later the councilors are toasty warm and secure in their humble abodes, missletoe hanging from the dining room archway and as bedtime approaches they stand in front of their bathroom mirrors. As they peer into their respective mirrors they see not themselves in their usual masks, but instead they are unmasked and see the Rill Bandell business revenue model staring back at them, Bandell's eyes all ablaze.

They quickly call not only 911, but Gemme's home as well. They are scared for their political lives as they open their front doors and run out into the December cold, cell phones in hand, calling Deval for more local aid as they wait for Gemmes boyz in blue to shoot down the Bandell business model lurking in their bathroom mirrors.