November 02, 2010

Vote today


On the questions


David Z. said...

I am recommending a Yes, No, Yes on the ballot questions. The suburbs need to shoulder their 40B responsibilities, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not cool with slashing the sales tax by more than half. There are things that we take for granted and don't want to lose. I agree it should be rolled back to 5% but not 3. Those who vote yes will be complaining that streets aren't plowed often enough, etc. it's too drastic.

Jahn said...

David too for the exact same reasons. GMTA ( sometimes) :)

If 40b gets shot down the suburbs are home free. Many of the suburban nolo projects are often small single family homes on small lots which IMO brings in a higher class of so called low income types...specifically those who may have been low income in the recent past but clearly have a career path & goals ahead of them- selves.

I am curious re: what our local CDC's have for building plans going forward..........I mean at some point these guys are going to run out money, sites, and a city that is hospitable and welcoming to them.

The only one I can think of now that is in the conceptual stage is probably when the old Cropmton Knowles gets razed. Bill you got ideas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, no, no - for all the same reasons posted by others above.

Eric K.
Worc., MA

Steve Foley said...

I'm voting Yes, No, Yes.

2 Yes votes because the politicians won't reduce taxes, but at least they'll know we want them lowered.

The no vote because I'm sick of the government telling me what I can and cannot do with my property. If I want to build a bazillion square foot slum on my land, why should city hall have the power to tell me I can't. It's my land. I paid for it. I won't vote for more government control over ANYTHING.

Jahn said...

Anonymous, so last winter with the sales tax at 6.25% , you're saying the streets were plowed often (or more often?)

David Z. said...

So Steve we should abolish all Planning Boards throughout the Commonwealth and just let property owners build whatever they want?

With all due respect, I think you're voting No on question 2 for the wrong reason.

Paul Shea said...

Jahn your responses are so predictable. Your going to get less services when we are collecting at 3%. I never said services were perfect 6.25. But i can gurantee they will be less perfect at 3%. But don't get me wrong, i'm all for rolling back the taxes, just not that far. If the question rolled it back to 5%, it would pass easily... it still might pass, i think it will be close.

Jahn said...

Paul, with all due respect, I never said anyhting about perfect, I just re-iterated in a question format what you said above.

Myself I recall the temporary 3% sales tax that was instituted I believe in 1969. Let me repeat, thats temporary and only look what we have and had, a permanent 5 & 6.25% tax.

Kinda reminds me of the lottery tickets instituted in 1971(?) when there was one 50 cent weekly drawing look what it has morphed into......the drug of choice for seniors and the reason many others cant pay their rent.

Not to worry though, Deval has a plan to institue a progressive income tax to offset the effects of the regressive lottery ticket tax.......assuming his drapes and Caddy are still on Beaconhill come late January

Jahn said...

So today I am cruising the Village of Paulie and I am stopped in traffic over at Pleasant and Hudson Sts. in front of the new abortion clinic.

Interestly enough there is a large circle outlined in white, similar in color to the white traffic lines on the street. So I say to myself, WTH is that, a Helicopter landing site or has Digsafe made a mistake or did or WPI frat-boy trick or treaters go wild Sunday night?. Then it hits has to be the outline of the buffer zone in front of the clinic entrance.

I assume there is a law or regulation that allows (or mandates) this to be done? Has to be? Imagine if Paulie wanted to paint a similar buffer zone in front his nicely painted 3 decker in the VOP, in order that the residents of #244 would be "buffered" from his property. No way in hell wold that be allowed

This is a stretch but could this be constured as a sign??

Again by what authority is that allowed?

David Z. said...

With the fairly convincing wins of the Democrats yesterday in Massachusetts I think the Yes vote on Question 1 is in deep trouble.

IMHO, Beacon Hill will most likely ignore the will of the voters again.

Jahn said...

David I have a sawbuck that says they dont touch it.

If I lose, I will pay it via Wild Will Brinks Service and just for you maybe even frame it as a jesture to a fellow blogger.

What say you mi amigo?

And yup mea culpa.........i was of the opinion for the last few years that Mr. Coca-Cola and Mr Tim would not get a second term. WRONG. I did come to the realization a few weesk ago that was proably going be wrong.......

David Z. said...

I'll take that bet Jahn.