November 04, 2010

Democratic Party

You really got to give them credit.    Honestly thought that there would be some very close state-wide and Congressional races.  In fact I would have bet on Mary Z over Bump every day of the week.  Not only were none of the races not close, but Mary Z lost.

The Massachusetts GOP is completely disorganized and has no co-ordinated efforts on the grassroots level.  On the other hand the Democrats are a well organized machine.  At least we got a YES on question 1?


Jahn said...

I agree, Bill.

I will say however I was surprised on our congressional race where i seem to recall it was Lamb 39% and Mcgovern 56%. I would have expected a bigger win by McGovern, given he was up against, IMO, not only a weak candidate, but an underfunded one in a district that is heavily democractic. It is reported Mcgovern outspent Lamb 30:1.

A stronger, better funded candidate 2 years from now and McGovern may be hot water. All that low income housing built in the likes of Paddleboro, Fall River, & Worcester in the recent past pays huge dividends for democratic demographics.

IMO, Baker also gave Deval a decent run for his money. I dont think when all the dust settled that Treasurer Tim made a difference. Stay tuned for a Cahill judgeship in the not too distant future?

Bill Randell said...

Blaming Cahill is like when the Democrats blamed Coakley when Brown won.

The Democratic Party from the Governor down to the local rep races were organized.

The Republican Party focused solely on Charlie Baker and had no top-down organization. In my opinion, the inidvidual candidates did well on their own but got smoker because there was no team.

David Z. said...

IMO, if Charlie Baker had picked Karyn Polito as his running mate, he would be the Governor elect right now. Charlie had to do as well as Scott Brown did in Central Massachusetts to win. I think folks underestimate the emerging power in our area and the impact we can have on state wide politics. Charlie won most of the suburbs but not nearly by as much as he needed. Tim Murray is extremely well liked and Deval was practically a Worcester resident for much of the campaign season. If Karyn was on the Republican ticket, she would have blunted some of Tim’s popularity in Metro Worcester and brought enough votes to the ticket to perhaps put them over the top.

I was surprised that Mary Z. lost but to say the Republican Party needs to develop a farm system and better organization is not exactly true. When was the last time that there were this many Republican candidates running in Massachusetts? And we can’t forget the fact that Republicans picked up a significant number of house seats on Beacon Hill. In fact, many entrenched Democratic incumbents went down to defeat so all is not lost in their efforts to finally bring some balance in Massachusetts.

Bill Randell said...

Dave Z:

I could not agree more. Tim Murray brought in alot of votes for Deval..

Tisei did nothing for Baker.


Jahn said...

NOw the issue that Deval never addressed during the elction.......the state has 2B$ budge shortfall...........will Obuma start the printing presses agin for his pal Deval.

I will hand it to Deval, the man has a great persona. It's called Acting, Theartrics, and Histrionics, and Snake Oil Sales 101 and the sad part is good acting vs. the req'd good management skills gets too unqualified folks elected many. Folks who state unequivocally that my property taxes will go down and not only do they not go down but, instead instead they get Viagra'ed ...!!!!!!!

Charlie unfortunately doesnt have thsi kinda extra special personal appeal.....beanc ounter types generally are hopeles in thsi dept.....although Charlie still does have a goodly amount of personal appeal, Deval still whips him in that dept.

Does any one know what Clive has been smoking and/or imbibing lately ? This man has to get back on the reservation and see the Medicine Man