November 29, 2010


File under, you can't make this shit up.   Read this story, click here

The long and the short is the City of Oakland is going to issue 4 permit at $211,000 per permit to allow large scale growing of pot,  In other words a government sanctioned marijuana farm--four of them.....  Who is on the short list?   You guessed it Pharmasphere.   
"Also on Oakland's list is a Boston-based company called Pharmasphere Systems. Chief executive David Darlington says the company is not interested in obtaining a permit for itself but in partnering with a grower who would use Pharmasphere's indoor growing technology.

   Right now, the only plant Pharmasphere grows is Madagascar periwinkle, which contains compounds used in chemotherapy to treat some kinds of cancer. But Darlington says the business opportunity presented by medical marijuana outweighs any stigma that might be attached to being associated with pot.""


Jahn said...

Havent I heard some councilors in the past ask for a monthly or some other periodic update on Worc's Econ Dev'ment projects. If so, I have to wonder who is ( or who isnt) monitoring this Cnaterbury St project/site?

Pharmasphere has to have some kind of nexus to Worc through someone who has some clout around town. ANyone got any ideas or guesses?

How many years have passed since they won with their $1.00 bid. Also I would have to think if I was the Losing $50,000 bidder that I'd be making some noise about now?

Steve Foley said...

Interesting. They will still be violating federal statutes by growing weed.

I wonder who picks up the tab when the Feds raid the farm.

Jahn said...

Steve the farm will be manned by illegal immigrants. No need to worry about a fed. raid :)

Jahn said...

Soooooooo another murder in Worcester over the weekend. So much to give thanks for !

Barack Obrien says in todays T&G that the police cant do it (policework/solve crimes) all by themselves, yet when crime rates drop, the police are the first ones to credit their community policing, or their gang task force, or the Main South HO Impact Unit, etc, etc. Yet once agian, when crime stats rise,. no one steps up tot he plate and takes the blame.

A month or so ago , I noted the police were taking credit for the drop in buglaries, robberies, car thefts etc, and yet were told to look to Springfield or Providence to compare Worc with as reggards similar sized cities and how low Worc's murder rate was relative to these 2 cities.

The boys in blue cant have it both ways.

Word confirm: Carswat

Jahn said...

I also forgot to mention from yesterdays T&G anotehr TIF for the north MaIN ST AREA. LOOKS LIKE THIS One could run 100's of 1,000's dollars

How much longer are those of us who have ponied up taxes for decades going to be burdened by having to pick up the reduced taxes of new businesses and buildings that come into the area?

A T&G bloger has suggested there are really 3 tax rates in worc. Residential, commercial, and TIFs for those who are plugged into the right political structure in Worc. Wonder how long before Pharamsphere comes to city hall with their organ grinder, monkey and the monkeys tin cup banging a looking for a TIF for their $1.00 piece of land on Canterbury St?

Speakign of which, I saw a panhandler yesterday "Disabled Need Work (Bi-Polar)" As Will wood say....cant make thsi ++++ up

I say no TIF , but if we are going to do them, then the "TIF-or" s/b be paying their regular quarterly tax bills and the city will escrow the money. When the TIf period runs out and the TIF'or has lived up to ALL teh TIF req'ments then the city hands them back their TIF money with interest on all accumulated balances.

This notion of the city paying upfront in the form of reduced taxes for as yet, unmet goals has to end. Meet the goal and TIF objectives and you get paid when TIF period has run. What could be more simple? I mean even the Ho's at the Crystal Palace have to perform before they get a fin placed under their thong....right????

BTW, IMO this is just more payola to WPI and their North Worcester site. Why the hell not give them rest of West St while we're at it?

jahn said...

Tonight could be the last warm night until sometime next March.

I'll am bringing my sleeping bag to Crompton Park to sleepout tonight b/c the powers that be say it's safe.

Com' on........we are not all mushrooms !!!!!!!!!!!!

MOB or JOB Or Babs care to join me tonight? In numbers there is security and safety. I'll be unrolling my pack about 12:45 am after last call at Bettys.

Geesh I am breaking my promise not to be too sarcastic, given the melancholy atmosphere that pervades the Worc blogging community Cant seem to help.....teh baloney in this town is 24/7 :(