March 06, 2008

15 Coppage Drive

Airport Industrial Property that has a long-tem lease with a very low annual payment to the City of Worcester. The low lease payment was justified since it promoted people to move to the Airport Industrial Park.

One of the terms of the lease, however, is that you need to pay your property taxes. Check the city website, balance is now 280,488. The city should cancel the lease for non-compliance and put an RFP out for the building.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, MOB says 09's budget anticipates collection of more deliquent property taxes.......surely this 280k in back taxes is huge priorty vs the $4,000 in back taxes that is owed on some local residence. S/b an easy collection process via a wage levy/garnishment or lien?

Isnt there a new tax collector in town and this newbie is supposed to be more effective & efficient at collecting back taxes???..............unless of course someone has called off the property tax pit bulls??

Rumor has it some Main South area developers have are continually behind in their property taxes and oddly enough they are still allowed to pull permits for new, add'l work and I Always thought you couldnt be behind in your taxes if you wanted to pull permits? Maybe the new building sherrif in town will look into this?

If you talk the talk re collection of taxes.......then ya gotta walk the walk

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see todays legals in the T&G re: the Blackstone Valley Visitor center.

It says there will be a meeting at Quinsig School re this issue and that the city of Worc is responsible "for securing right of way nec. for this project. Acquisitions in fee & permanent or temporary easements maybe required. The City responsible for acquiring all needed rights in public or private lands"

Is this telling me that we have a visitors center all planned and that it is sitting on land-locked land and city may have to take via eminent domain (or lease) certain public or private parcels to gain access to to the site?

Talk about doing things Bass Ackwards? This is analygous to:

1. rehabbing Union Station only to have potential tenants ask where's the plumbing infrastructure or

2. building an airport control tower only to have air traffic controllers tell us they cannot see the runway from it or

3. building a Parthenon Park in Fed'l Sq only to practically destroy it 15 years later in the name of Hanover progress or

4. re-building the Common 3 times in less than 35 years or

5. buying garbage trucks that are too tall to clear neighborhood trees so brand new equipment is relagated to Foley Stadium yard waste duty or

6. buying firetrucks that are too heavy or too large to fit through the barn door.

I thought we had an urban planning dept?

Anonymous said...

was in a meeting last night regarding the 2008 CanalFest and Canal Diggers 5Km..we plan to have a midweek concert midweek between the two..the new CEO of the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce was in-house...nice gal who also puts on the Pet Show up at Q-College

I wanna bring in Mark Farner from the ole "Grand Funk Railroad"..anyone remember them:>)

Harpoon Brewery out of Boston would be a sponsor..hmm I like Harpoon Beer:>)

Anonymous said...

Paulie, rumor has it Wocester actually had a few breweries back in the day .

One of them was Tadcaster Ale and I think it may have been located in the Millbury St Green Island 'hood.

After it closed rumor has it one of their former employees actaully held a somewhat higher up position with teh city.

Anonymous said...

Also, did anyone catch page 15 of the current In City Times.

Maybe I am week late.........but I dont usually see that rag as it's as not readily available around my haunts.

Was a piece by a Mr Hmura about how the city can save money and open parks by cutting what he evidently thinks maybe some superfluous expenditures around town starting with

1. Firing Mr Niddrie saving at least $60,000. (writer should do his home I think is more like $120,000 when bennies are added to his rumored 95,000 pay).

2. Eliminate the Unversity Partnership aannual payment to the tune of 35,000.

3. Cut "Caradios fiefdom" over at Irving St.

I could add quite a few more.....but I am tired of repeating myself.

I also read a story on pp. 2 about trips to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun to see concerts. I was amazed to read that one would go "barreling" down I-84 to get to Mohegan or Foxwoods?? What exit does one take from I-84 to get over to casino country? Asylum St. Exit in Hartford??

Anonymous said...

Is this Canal a done deal? McGovern flips it $750,000 feasabilty grant like it's chump change.

Now Palmieri wants special overlay parking zones. Christ I want a 10 sq ft off street parking variance to build a house where hardly anyone even has off street parking..........and everyone cries and moans about it!

Should we have canal in hand ( I am still opposed to it) so we know what hell it's going to look like and exactly where it's going to be.......before we start deciding parking issues?

BTW, I guess downtown has special parking overlay districts, too....but every 4th storefront is the parking and they shall come?

IMO, This canal issue has already been decided in smoke filled rooms. Another park we cannot maintain.