March 09, 2008

Airport Commision

There is one opening. Although recent history has told us that one can vote or be an elected official, wherever you want despite your residence. I can not apply to be on the Airport Commission since I am not a Worcester resident. As a result I urge any readers of this blog, who are residents of the City of Worcester to apply for the open position.

That said, does it make any sense that I can not be eligible to be on a board? True, I do not live in the City of Worcester, but as a business-owner or more importantly someone who pays property taxes in the City of Worcester am I not a stake-holder?

By the looks of the number (57) of vacancies, the City of Worcester may need to consider this sooner then later.


Anonymous said...

Just go put your resume in for this job. You can only try man!

Anonymous said...

bILL, SERVING ON THE aIRPORT cOMMission could open you up to a civil suit or complete boredom. Either they conduct all their real business in smoke filled rooms out of view of the public which is a violation of the Open Meeting Laws or they do pretty nothing.

Worcester Memorial Auditorium Commission??? Surely they jest?

So I get a seat on a commission and that commission collectively makes recommendation after recommendation during my 2 or 3 year term. All, or most all of the recommendations go into the circular file. Why bother if you're basically maybe get my name in the T&G twice a year and put in my obituary that I faithfully served my city on nunerous boards & commissions???

Is the city "over-commissioned"?

How about me on the community development board objecting the proliferation of low income housing with little or no parking.

Anonymous said...

I love it when people leave the city for a jerk town and then whine about how they are not included in city affairs. I would suggest my kind sir, that you apply for a spot on the Oakham International Airport Comm.

Anonymous said...

Do you pick up a slight Hungarian accent in anonymous's post?

Bill Randell said...

My point, which was obviously missed, was that although I do not live in the City of Worcester maybe the City should consider opening to pool of potential candidates on boards to include tax-payers whether or not they live in the City of Worcester?

It was not a "whine", but merely a suggestion that I think deserves some consideration.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why a provision couldn't be added to state resides or has an establised business address in the city of Worcester .

I agree with Bill on this suggestion.

There's someone that actually wants to be on the airport commission! Go for it Bill

my two cents(after inflation)

Anonymous said...

Bill, I dont think I'd have a problem with that.....BUT........if a Worc resident wants the seat...... should they get priority over you or maybe for vacancies that seem to go unfilled forever we could have a two tiered system........kinda like two classes of stock in a company.........preferred (residents) and common (non residents). Preferred has all the voting rights......but the common can still make recommendations (that usually go nowhere).

Has March Madness started yet?......I am not Basketball fan.....butt my Monday is off to a great start. Who gets the boob of the week award this week?

a. The school committe members who want to approve overseas trips for students which the law dept. feels opens the city up to all kinds of liability. Does anyone recall the December trip made a few years ago by the Newton High School (band?) up to Montreal(?). Bus rolled over on an exit ramp.....3(?) kids dead.

b. Councillor Germaine wants to (perT&G) "come down hard on license holders who are simply not paying attention to the city" re: the FOGS ordinance & grease traps in restaurants. How about if we change the last word in that quote to "road".

c. Coucillor Rushton ( Democrat-Dow Chemicals) and his breast feeding ordinance. Wonder if the ordinance wo-mandates that all offices, both public & private, be outfitted with a special breast feeding room...starting first with offices of all memeber of Massachusetts B+a Association. I wont say anymore, lest my post gets deleted.

Does anyone wonder why no one wants to get involved on city boards & commissions and fewer and fewer people turn out to vote when our elected officials are operating in a fog as re: the truly pressing municipal issues. Some how they have implanted in their heads that some of this baloney is actually important?

Ditto's for Mr McGovern and his cross-examination of Roger Ramjet

Bill Randell said...


I did not read the paper today.

Purchasing department has a clause that in the event to bids are equal then the local resident gets the bid. I agree.

Same could be done for board appointments. If you are a tax-payer in the city of worcester, you would be eligible. In the event of a tie, the local resident gets preference.


Anonymous said...

Most of ORH isn't even in Worcester and they say that only Worcester residents can serve on the board?

Well, I also don't understand who would WANT such a job.

Anonymous said...

I see there is no Resevoir Commission..........if there was...I think our resevoirs have a significant presence in Holden.

Anonymous said...

There was a person on the airport commisiion a few years back that lived in Holden.