March 20, 2008

Diamond Chevrolet

Straight off the rumor mill. Diamond Chevrolet will be closing???


Anonymous said...

Closing or moving out to Rte 9 (or elsewhere), like many other area dealerships?

Bill Randell said...

Not sure if this is real commentary on Worcester, but more of car dealerships in general. We have seen Richard's Honda, Patrick Motors, Edward Buick and now maybe Diamond move.

It seems like car dealers will all be in an auto mile type setting?

Anonymous said...

I thought Chandler was already the "Auto Mile"

Bill Randell said...

used car auto mile

Anonymous said...

Bancroft Nissan also out to Auburn(?)and didnt Bancroft have another small franchise at Salem & Portland St locale, too?

Samara Jeep way out on Grafton St. I think they were maybe bought out by Herb Chambers & moved to Rte 20 in Millbury or is that still in Worc?

Edward (Kelly) Buick on Shrewsbury St out to Rte 20 & 290 now owed by Duddie? Bancroft PLymouth is now at this same Shrewsbury St. site

Up until 1981 Worc actually had 2 Chevrolet dearlerships, United Chevrolet, where U Haul is now located on Belmont/Shrewsbury St, and Diamond Chevrolet. I guess Toyota & Honda took care of that. The United franchise was moved to Marlboro, I think and it's now gone from there, too

Paulie, Park Ave was an Auto Mile of sorts, years ago, new & used.

a. Worcester Dodge (Auto Zone now & 255 Park Ave tower)

b. Diamond (Duddie Chev),

d. Duddies Cadillac City selling used Caddy's opposite Park Ave Friendlys (now Comm Bank & Trust & strip mall))

e. Smalley Toyota (now or formerly Norman Baker Used Cars) opposite Park Ave Honey Farms),

f. Mason Motors (used at Park & Downing formerly at Chadl&Mason?),

g. Henry's Used Cars Chadlr & Park)

h. Prob a few others, too.

And Harr Ford seems to bursting at the seams for more space, too. Very, very congested site.

I heard last week that Diamonds Febr sales were off by about 75% and March was looking just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see something different on that site..all the car dealerships used and new on Park Ave. are not in my opinion a highest and best use for the strip..we could use some good shopping on Park..bookstores, other than Dollar Stores...Park Ave seems to be very low end considering it's proximity to the west side...

Has anyone heard any news on the lot behind Walgreens at Chandler & buddy who is a lawyer for BJ's told me they looked at the site for about the time it took to drink a cup of coffee as did Home Depot awhile back

Anonymous said...

speaking of Park Ave...I watched the St. Paddy's parade on the boob toob the other day and the crowds looked quite thin..was this just from where they filmed it or was this the case throughout the parade..the Grand Marshal made comment on the lack of folks along the route when he was interviewed..

I had to be in Cambridge that day on business for my St. Paddy's event in Somerville this past Sunday so I missed it...

BTW: 2008 Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5Km in Somerville....3000 official runners see results:

About another 300 bandits (unofficial runners),2000+, pubs,cafes,coffee shops throughout the city and run thru a very happening URBAN city right now....$2500 in police bills

2007 Canal Diggers 5Km happening in a less than happening URBAN city right now (Worcester)..$6700 in police bills...

The estimated economic impact was $200-300K of new money into the community on a usually quiet day in March

Anonymous said...

pAULIE, maybe 15 yrs ago there were plans to put a supermarket in there....stop & shop or Shaw's........ I believe???.....there were some issues with land use or zoning (used to be zoned Manufacturing?), as well some other issues thAT were more political in nature......

Almost seems as though the old Wyman Gordon Site At Kelley a somewhat similar treatment from the local political establishment.........i.e. ........the pols will decide indirectly, what will be built where and by whom..........and the end result is what we Now call the City on the Move.

I cannot help but onberve all the city shade trees that are being taken down by the parks dept crew. It appears they work full time removing dead trees...........and rarely are any least from what I see..........maybe we can take some of thsi low income housing money from Washington........and use it to plant replacement trees as well as maybe even new trees all over the city.

Chandler St, being a main city Blvd., has no trees from Main St to Park Ave..........right?

Anonymous said...

about 7 years ago stop & shop had plans to but the city sank it for Big Y down on May..that lot must be one of the biggest available lots in the city and it is amazing that it still sits vacant and at such a high traffic location

I believe that Stop & Shop had the zoning in place but that it was tanked by folks on the west side because of intrusions onto Beaver Brook (I remember quotes from some about sun being blocked)..Big Y had to go thru a varience process..I may be off on this but I think I am is also owned by a family that is always at odds with the city it seems-see Wine Store at Washington Rotary

Anonymous said...

we have trees on Chandler but they are not maintained by the city or the property owners on Chandler..Artie M, R&R Plumbing and me maintain ours..the rest are not...very bothersome to me to be quite frank..trash bags always leaned up against them, cigarette buts everywhere..there ius so much more we could do on Chandler to make it more attractive landscape wise but we do not..

right now a tree on the sidewalk next to the MLK has been ripped out of the ground..I am counting the days until someone besides me picks it up:>)

the cat who owns the building that houses Subway..plows the sidewalk instead of shoveling thus all the dirt around the two trees in front has been pushed aside..he lives in Barre and summers on Martha's Vineyard....yah think this would be condoned in those locations?? We condone it in Worcester???

Anonymous said...

something not going under in the city:>)

2nd annual Fallon Community Health Plan "Canal Diggers 5Km & 1 Mile Fitness Walk" is happening on Sept Fiddler's Green Irish Pub

We need sponsors and participants

45K was raised in 2007

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize that Bancroft Motors that was located at the site of the old Edwards Buick on Shrewsbury St. has vacated and they are just selling used cars there, per todays T&G.

I know Bancroft is on Bill's list, but I thought it was referring to the old Bancroft that left Portland St.

Anonymous said...

Diamond Chevrolet Close ??? Not likely been there for over 30 years and still going strong.