March 06, 2008

Jahn's Official Drink

"Hey Mabel" (carling Black Label inference) get Jahn a Jager.


Anonymous said...

LMFAO !!!!!! That was GREAT !!!

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...

"Made on the Beautiful Shores of Lake Quinsigamond"

Anonymous said...

Wow that glass is actually smoking???

What proof is that moonshine?

Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed observing bill and jahn clobber each other with their purses.

Bill Randell said...


I thoroughly enjoy arguing with Jahn.

Jahn knows his stuff and comes up with some valid points when defending his position. In fact he has me thinking closing ORh is our best option now. Wish I saw more banter like this watching City Council regarding important issues like City Square and the airport.

Tonight I am going to toss back a jager for my buddy Jahn.