March 15, 2008

Low Income Housing

I was driving downtown today and I noticed how work has finally begun in ernest at the Burwick Building. Now couple that with the development on May Street, another low income project, and the only two real projects of any significance in the Downtown/Main South area and low income apartment rentals of 90 apartments in total with no parking?

Jahn is right, low income housing is one of the only growth businesses in Worcester.


Anonymous said...

meet the new boss same as ther ole boss..three deckah next door has three groups of losers move out and three more move back in..last night I get home about open (why can I not afford to do this in the wintah?)...blah,blah eminating from them...sheets for window casings-shades-cutains a "blowin' in the wind"...hmmm I say to myself "perhaps I should live there, so that I can look at my well maintained home everyday instead of this shithole that the city refuses to deal with"...notice I said "home" as I have lived there 5+ years now and consider it so..not the revolving in and out after a lease term like most of my neighbors:>)

About at the breaking point for calling this home's one thing if one saw folks who need help are given it and then use it to improve..but this revolving of loser after loser doing nothing to earn the largess given them just makes my stomach sick..anyway off to work..tenant to follow..

Gabe said...

After looking at the numbers EDF is displaying at the above link my math gets me 125 rental units and 60 condominiums of which 17 rental units will be classified as affordable housing.
I fully agree with everything you guys talk about in this space about affordable housing in this city but to classify this development soley as an affordable housing development isn't painting a proper picture.
Of course only time will tell if this will play out as the developers say it will but from the looks of things I think this will be a pretty good addition to the downtown community.

Gabe said...

Sorry, 20 units of affordable housing. The math ain't what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree here.

Gabe, that's what they said when Soffan built his gov't subsidized, middle class housing, White Pinnacle at Main & Chanlder in the early 90's. Now after 1 or 2 forelosures(?) rumor has it, it's loaded with oodles of Paulie's People (hobo's)?

However, I wish you luck (on this St Patricks Day) as re: getting middle class people to live:

1. in this area or

2. in this building where 90%(?) of the units will be affordable or

3. in this market.

Gabe if you're a middle class person (a.k.a. non affordable housing person), would you live there?

FWIW, IMO middle class people have 2 cars and they almost always demand 2 parking my math aint what it used to be do I park my 2 middle class Camrys??


Bill Randell said...


I will look into the site you mention. My research was solely from a sign posted on Main Street.



Anonymous said...

went to see the Saw Doctors last night and then over to Block 5...nice night out in will be interesting to see if it is successful

Nice watching the flow of folks entering and leaving...and the folks living in the units above on each side looking out...anyone know what kind of housing is above?

Anonymous said...

I send my congrats to the Hanover on its opening this past weekend

The interior certainly looked grand (afterall I did probably chip in a grand of my taxes toward it....sorry I couldn't resist)

Seriously, nice to see all that life on Main St after Dark.

With such a beautiful restoration of the the interior.............why do the architects then put a modernistic looking entryway/foyer on the structure?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pints of Guinness (actually the canned stuff)while watching the Saw Doctors..was a wee bit surprised that drinking was allowed inside..great treat

Anonymous said...

all this potentially nice historic housing is being turned into low income housing is depressing..that renovation at Piedmont and Chandler is nice but there is absolutely no life there..everyone just sits inside all day watching tv...that project over on May is even more low income and the same will be there..

Anonymous said...

Paulie, the re-hab at Chandler & Piedmont is Worcester Common Ground job ( I believe).............nice looking building for sure.........but they have Washington money to Burn.........I'll bet the WCG CEO is hauling in around 100K plus a full bennie package........not a bad gig for a guy who allegedly had little or no experience in real estaste, building constr, re-habs, and /or rentals.

Wonder what kind of private sector job he could land working in the above fields??