March 28, 2008

Orlando Cameras

Great Story Wonder what people, who work at City Hall, people from the Mayo Group or someone like Steve from the Subway would rather have? A skating rink or security cameras?


Anonymous said...

Is the pentagon the purchase agent for that city? Someone is getting a big fat kick back. $1.3 million for 25 security cameras? Sam's club was selling packages of four for like $100 bucks. The whole system, with computer shouldn't cost more than $4,000 with instal.
Give us a skating rink any day.

Bill Randell said...

I thought the same thing but the cost of 1.3 looks like 60 cameras, which still seems very high. We do not have to buy these very same cameras and I am sure we could do it for a much less cost.

My point was that I think the people who are downtown would rather see an investment in security versus a skating rink

Anonymous said...

Is anyone besides me, fed up with Senor' McGovern and his south of the border antics?

I dont know what's worse, Rushton and his absolutely ridiculous petitions or McGovern playing with fire when he s/b home here and concerned with his gerrymandered district. Let other gov't authorities seal with alleged kidnappings & prisioners and do what your constituent selected you to do.

We have a state and a city that from a financial perspective are crisis managed..........meanwhile James and Pedro & Fidel are smoking 20$ cigars