March 26, 2008

Paulie's Blog

Paul has a blog, check it out!!! When will Jahn have any time to work?? Looks great..


Anonymous said...

I had actually thought of a blog entitled

"Worcester Town Falling Down"

....... physically, financially, socially, demographically, economically, etc.............but anyone else is welcome to have that addie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wild Will...for the plug

Harry...did you get the check I sent to Dzian Gallery? I forgot to save the date of the "time" you are having down on Water in on the particulars..may or may not be able to make it.

I am not ready to mail it in yet Jahn....I always have the "going home" parachute but for now it is folded and put away

Anonymous said...

Looks more like Alcha-Paulic