March 21, 2008

Price Rite

Saw the plans for a new Price Rite at the former Cotton Metals property on Southbridge Street. The proposal includes a 36,000 square foot grocery store and two seperate buildings for hopefully a phramarcy and bank. The plans were very very well done.

My only question is another grocery store. Don't get me wrong this is a great addition for Southbridge Street, but I think a grocery store somewhere else in the City of Worcester will need to close. The Price Chopper on Cambridge Street will get killed when this opens.


Anonymous said...

Anyone read what the great Vin PeDUMMY quote? Sure we will take a mental hospital over worldwide Hollywood exposure any day ... what a dope...

Anonymous said...

a new hospital may get some of these folks who need help get the help they need (say that ten times fast) and then we may see less of em' on the street cornahs buming money and sleeping in alleyways..these folks may not effect the tonier parts of the city but it can be a real issue in the urban core of the city..Worcester needs a facility that can give folks who have mental illness the assistance they need (my compassionate side showing this morning) I am off to tell that guy next door for the 18th time that he can't park on my property..he'll respond "mind yah bizness"..respect for one's property in this city is 2nd to none:>)

Anonymous said...

is it just me who is throwing up right now listening to Jordan he is railing against the Red Sox opening up in Japan..calling the owners scumbags..where was he when the Celtics came here?

He is railing against them cause they are trying to be international..if he ran his local business like John Henry..he may still own his company instead of telling folks international economics got him and his partners...oh wonders why the heavy hittahs stay out of this town...Jordan Levy's idea of international is cats with no jobs,no educations..oy vey

This guy definitely has the highest horse in town..boy do I miss Jerry Williams..

Anonymous said...

Westover is getting two direct flights to Florida and expanding at a $20 million and 61 acre pace. Put another nail in the ORH coffin.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 19 —

Skybus also announced new service beginning June 1 between:
Chicopee, MA in the Hartford, CT area and St. Augustine, FL in the Jacksonville/Daytona Beach area of northeast Florida
Chicopee and Punta Gorda in southwest Florida
Richmond, VA and St. Augustine
Stewart International Airport in the New York City area and Portsmouth (NH) in the Boston area
Reservations for the new service, as well as for all Skybus flights from Aug. 1 – Sept. 2, go on sale at 6 a.m. (EDT) Wednesday, exclusively at Skybus offers 10 seats at $10* on every flight, every day, and its fares are typically about half of the fares offered by competing airlines to the same markets.

At the same time, Skybus said it will adjust its schedule to help it deal with the unprecedented increase in the cost of fuel. The adjustments will include some flight reductions as Skybus focuses on improving customer service and meeting demand on its most profitable routes.

“We’re especially pleased to begin offering service from two more markets to our very popular Florida destinations,” said Bill Diffenderffer, Skybus CEO. “Beginning June 1 we’ll be flying to Florida from five locations: Columbus; Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, NC; Portsmouth, NH in the Boston area; Richmond; and Chicopee, MA in the Hartford/Springfield area.”

The new seasonal service between New York/Stewart and Portsmouth/Boston gives passengers in those areas another option to avoid the overcrowded New York City and Boston airports by using two less crowded, highly convenient airports for travel between the two big East Coast markets.

Schedule changes announced today by Skybus include:

Effective April 1:
Previously announced service between Columbus and Niagara Falls, NY, and a previously announced second daily flight between Columbus and Milwaukee, will be discontinued.
Effective April 15:
Service between Columbus and Chattanooga will be discontinued.
Service between Columbus and New York/Stewart, and between Columbus and Chicopee, will be reduced from two flights daily to one.
Service between Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point and Gulfport-Biloxi, MS will be discontinued.
Service between Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point and Gary, IN; Wilmington, DE; Punta Gorda and New York/Stewart will be reduced from two daily nonstops to one.
Customers holding reservations on discontinued routes will be notified by e-mail and will receive automatic refunds. Passengers holding reservations in cases where service is reduced from two flights to one will be given the option of rebooking on the remaining flight, changing their reservation to a different day, or receiving a refund.

“With oil prices well above $100 a barrel and showing no signs of any significant decrease, we had a choice – we could sit back and hope things get better, or we could take aggressive action to deal with this industry-wide problem,” Diffenderffer said. “We are choosing to take action, and while no one likes having to cut back on flights, all airlines are looking at doing those things they can control to help deal with the fuel cost issue.”

He said Skybus anticipates no change in its plan to continue to grow aggressively over the next several years. “This is a change in our short-term strategy,” he said. “It will also allow us to focus heavily for the remainder of 2008 on making changes that will improve the passenger experience and help us improve on-time performance.”

Separately, Skybus announced it will increase the fee to change a reservation from $40 to $60.

Chicopee mulls sale of 61 acres
Friday, March 21, 2008

CHICOPEE - The city and Westover Metropolitan Development Corp. are in talks regarding a 61-acre parcel of land that the corporation wants to buy from the city to expand one of its business parks.

The land is part of more than 100 acres Mayor Michael D. Bissonnette has long touted as a possible site for a casino. But, given this week's vote by the Legislature's Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, the odds seem long that casino gambling will be legalized anytime soon in Massachusetts. The mayor said four different casino developers have looked at the 100 acres, located between Westover Metropolitan Airport and Exit 6 of the state turnpike.

"It's (the casino idea) set aside because we need to begin developing that property and get it onto the tax rolls," Bissonnette said this week.

The 61 acres runs from the westbound Massachusetts Turnpike lane all the way back to Westover Metropolitan Airport, which is owned by Westover Metropolitan Development Corp. The corporation has $2.5 million available to it in Federal Aviation Administration funds to purchase the land, but the money must be used by the end of the federal fiscal year, Sept. 30.

The corporation owns three business parks in the area. The 61 acres would be added to AirPark South, allowing for an additional 1 million to 1.2 million square feet of industrial space.

"We're talking," said Allan W. Blair, the corporation's president and chief executive officer. "It's mostly about process and the process the city has to follow."

The first thing the city needs to do is declare the 61 acres surplus property. Bissonnette said he will ask the Board of Aldermen at its first meeting in April to do just that.

"My only concern is we get a fair market value for the property so the city can benefit from it as much as possible," Alderman James K. Tillotson said.

Next, the land needs to be appraised. Blair said his corporation would pay for the appraisal.

However, Bissonnette said he is still keeping all the city's options open and might solicit request for proposals seeking other development opportunities. Bissonnette said the land is best suited for commercial or industrial use.

"Given that it's one of the best development sites in all of Massachusetts, it's in our best interest to get it on the market," Bissonnette said. "We'll see what Westover can bring to the table. Clearly they can develop the land."

"They have the expertise to be able to take the property and put in the infrastructure it needs to bring it to the marketplace," Bissonnette said.

Blair said he remains optimistic a deal can be reached.

"I'm hopeful," Blair said. "We do believe this is an unusual opportunity for the city because of the Federal Aviation Administration's interest in us acquiring the property."

State Rep. Joseph F. Wagner, D-Chicopee, sent the mayor a letter in January pushing him to sell the land to the corporation if he couldn't show a legitimate casino development proposal. Yesterday, the mayor said siting a casino on the land would need the backing of Wagner if it were to be taken seriously in Boston.

"It is unlikely as long as Joe Wagner is opposed to a casino that a casino would go there," Bissonnette said.

In response, Wagner said he's never had a casino developer mention Chicopee as a site for a casino. He said if there was a legitimate proposal, "I'd be open to having a dialogue to see where it would lead."

Any talk about casinos will be moot, as the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly yesterday to send the governor's proposal to license three resort-style casinos to a committee, effectively killing the proposal for this year.

Anonymous said...

I think a new Price Rite on Southbridge St would give more job opprotunities to the people around that area. Its is a smart idea.