March 19, 2008

Visitor's Center

Has anyone heard any updates on this. As the 146 project is coming to a close, weren't we suppose to be breaking ground on this?


Anonymous said...

Ok, if no Visitor's Center, how about a Hooter's instead? 1st shot of JAHNgermeister is on me!

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Harry, do you own a helicopter?

I ask b/c a reading of the Legals in the T&G 2 weesk ago, left me with the impreesion that the property is landlocked and/or land access is restricted/limited?

Councillors say all 180 city employees who make over 100K annually are all good employees who work hard, long hours and are more than deserving of their pay............interestng so many councillors know the work situation/performance of so many (180) city employees.......they prob couldnt even NAME 20 of these employes..... short of reading the report......never mind know all about their work/job performance.......HOGWASH.....too much fibbing going on there last night b/c these councillors no littel or nothing about these 180 employees..........better get to confession before this Sunday !!!

Konnie = the only one calling for wage freeezes = the only one who makes financial sense down there.

I told Paulie yesterday that city labor has the council all sewed up lock, stock, and barrel.....except for Konnie.

Anonymous said...

know....not no

Anonymous said...

one thing is quite clear..there are not enough folks within the urban core of the city able to flex any muscle..the comfortability zone within the west side is quite can bet none of those 100Kers live in the urban core of the city yet they probably all lament the state of the most important part of the urban city:>)...