November 12, 2005

Airlines Recommended by IMG

IMG report on-line at Here are the airlines that they recommended into three categories:

1) Discount Carriers
There is no chance of Frontier flying into Worcester.
Denver to ORH?

2) Second Tier Carriers
Hooter Air
Agree on all three

3) Charter Carriers

Sun Country
Vacation Express

SunShip1 only has one flight from Rockford to Cancun which just got wiped out by a hurricane Wilma?

Think Vacation Express must be scrambling since their partner, Transmeridian, just went under? At the same time, I believe they partnered with Pace which is affiliated with Hooters so a Vacation Express/Hooters pitch makes sense.

SunCountry has very little presence in the NorthEast?

Apple Vacations should be the number 1 charter since they are partners with USA3000. Also like FunJet.

4) Regional Carriers

Cape Air

Agree but add Linear Air.

Again have we not been saying this for over one year, $100,000 less then IMG by the way. Lets send the Mayor and City Manager to USA3000 headquarters (Philadelphia) to bring USA3000 and Apple Vacations to ORG. Trevor Sadler, route planner for USA3000 is a very smart guy and knows their is potential at ORH.

After that take a trip to Mytrle Beach and meet Hooters (Mark Peterson).

Surprised that a couple of the ten daily JetBlue's Embraer 190 flights from Boston to JFK were not recommended over Frontier Airlines.


Alec said...

It's hard to believe that Denver is the third destination for ORH's primary trade area. Especially over other desatinations like Southern Florida.

Bill Randell said...


I don't care their numbers say there is no way in hell Denver is the third destination for ORH's primary trade area.

Then they recommend SunShip1 which has in total one flight from Rockford to Cancun that just got wiped out by a hurricane?

Alec said...

No I agree!!! There is no way we will get service to Denver.