November 16, 2005

Parking Rates

Not sure a comparison of parking rates at ORH to Boston, Providence, Hartford and Manchester is an apples to apples comparison. A more appropriate comparison for ORH would be with other secondary airports outside of major metropolitan areas with airports; for example, Rockford Airport outside of Chicago.

They too lost all commercial service after 9/11 and were able to attract "second-tier" carriers attracting leaisure passengers back to their airport:

  1. TransMeridian (went out of business)
  2. Allegiant (Vegas & Sanford)
  3. Hooters (Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Denver and St Pete's)

Charter Airlines

  1. Apple Vacations (USA3000 partner)
  2. FunJet
  3. SunShip1 (ceased operations)

Once they were able to put themselves back on the map, legacy carriers with multiple flights per today for the business traveler:

  1. NorthWest (Detroit)
  2. United (Denver in March, 2006)

Please note that during this build-up and even now there is FREE PARKING. They have a great advertising pitch hilighting this fact:

Don't let parking costs eat into your vacation fun! Fly RFD and park for FREE!

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