November 26, 2005

Airport Drive

I really think we need to impress the passengers who fly out of ORH on Allegiant when service starts on December 22nd. In the past I felt it was important to have:
  1. Free Parking
  2. Free Wifi
  3. Improved signage to and from ORH
  4. "Dunkin Donuts" type set-up with fresh coffee and donuts, etc

Not all has gone to plan... Let me add to the list:

5. Completion of construction work on Airport Drive from Pleasant Street. From the October meeting "unsure whether or nottheir contractor will be able to complete a base coat of asphalt on the road before winter".


Joe Gargery said...

How do you propose to pay for the signs and free Wifi? Are you paying for it, Bill, or are you looking to pour more of my taxes down the drain?

Charley Farley (an abused taxpayer)

Bill Randell said...


The hope is to bring passengers backto ORH. The only way we can get them back is to offer them something that makes ORH different.

Charley, we received a $455,000 grant from the DOT to bring back commercial service to ORH. Monies from the grant should be used to subsidize free parking and to offer free wifi (which is rather inexpensive).

Bill Randell said...

One more thing. I believe offering free parking and free wifi will actually increase revenues in the long run but bringing passengers and airlines back to ORH.