November 25, 2005

MassPort Automated Parking Problems

First off we should not charge for parking. If parking fees are put into effect and the process to exit the lot is only automated (no personnel), there will be problems. I tried to explain the automated parking procedure to my mother today to no avail. Story from the Boston Herald below:

Massport is scrambling to eliminate a computer glitch in its new $21 million express parking equipment that has caused maddening delays for Logan Airport passengers who paid in advance for a speedy exit, officials said.

The equipment, which is available in all Logan’s garages, has difficulty reading plastic and paper cards designed to help people whisk through new exit express lanes. The problem leaves prepaid passengers stuck staring at parking gates while attendents work to correct the error.
“We’ve got some bugs and we’re working on them,” Massport business manager Jack Hemphill said.

The new express parking options were introduced at the airport this year to help reduce delays and chaos in the airport’s cramped garages. Passengers can now register for a plastic “parking passport” card through Massport or they can use “exit express” kiosks to pay for parking in terminals so they can leave quickly when they get to the garage gates.

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