November 27, 2005

December Airport Meeting

I have asked Chairman Nemeth to place the following three questions on next month's agenda:

Many of us from the Worcester InCity Partnership worked hard to ensure that we received the current DOT marketing grant, that failed in the two prior attempts. In fact, we called a meeting at Congressman McGovern's office with officials from the FAA, City Manager O'Brien, Mayor Murray and the Congressman stressing the importance of this grant. Aided mainly by the efforts of Congressman McGovern, the City of Worcester received $455,000. At the time of the award, we were told that a "Blue Ribbon Committee" would be formed, that we could be part of, to help figure where best to invest the grant. This committee was never formed and the Airport Commission was put in charge of the grant. Reviewing the Board Minutes from 2005, I have the following questions:

1) In the February, 2005, Airport Liason Niddrie discussed a required qtrly update on the grant required by DOT, can you please make the most recent DOT grant qtly update part of the next meeting, so we can see how the monies have been spent to date. Specifically, I notice in the in the March, 2005 meeting, IMG will prepare presentations for 6 airlines at the cost of $53,000, is that in addition to the $100,000 that had been spent on the IMG report or included in the $100,000.

2) Also in the March, 2005 meeting, it was stated that the City was "obligated" under the DOT grant to hire a consultant to prepare these 6 presentations; however, the DOT Grant application stated 6 months of free parking. How is the City "obligated" by the terms of the application to hire a consultant to prepare these 6 presentation but not "obligated" by the to provide the 6 months of free parking as stated in the DOT application

3) What is the status of the 6 presentations?

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