November 23, 2005

RFP on The Restaurant

January, 2005 board minutes page 4. Here is a quick summaary:

Looks like the RFP was sent to MassPort, at the time of this board meeting (10 mos ago), for review. Once MassPort signed off, the Commission would sign off and then the City would sign off, but "no solicitations will be undertaken until such time as we know there are potential bidders for the project".

I see no other follow-ups from the minutes after that through October. Assuming there have been all the appropriate sign-offs, how do you know if there are any bidders if you do not release the RFP? Better yet why would you put together an RFP have MassPort, the Commission and the City sign off but then not release to see if there was any interest?? Isn't that the whole point of an RFP to determine interest....

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