November 11, 2005

IMG Report

Here are the highlights from the 87 page $100,000 report:
  • we have a market
  • target leisure traveler
  • MassPort must play a role
  • do not close the airport
  • privatization is not an option
  • name change for the airport
  • aggressive marketing strategy must be adopted

If you look at our recommendations from, we have many of these listed for over a year, including Boston-Worcester Airport name change. The only real real discrepency is that we recommended that privatization should be looked into versus being dismissed without an attempt to solicit bids.

In fact the recruitment of DJ Air actually does not agree with the above recommendation. DJ Air will not be targeting the leisure traveler like Allegiant or the other "second-tier" carriers. Michael Boyd, Presient of the Boyd Group, also makes a great point also, if ORH was near 495 or had an access maybe a DJAir would come to ORH. A generous incentive package alone will not entice a DJAir to come to ORH.

We need to focus on the "second-tier" carriers like Hooters/USA3000 and charter companies like FunJet who do in fact focus on the leisure traveler. This traveler will not mind if ORH is on a hill, not right on Route 495. They are more concerned about direct flights, low prices, free parking and other amenities like free wifi.

In the end, I personally did not learn anything from this $100,000 report. Lastly I do not want any more studies, since we already have two more (Leigh Fisher 20 year Master Plan and the New England Study) but the next time we need a consultant, can we hire Michael Boyd?

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