November 19, 2005

IMG Report Again

Although I still question the cost ($100,000), the more I read the IMG report the better it gets. There was nothing "earth-shattering" inside, but it does confirm many of our initial recommendations. Now there is no excuse to pursue these recommendations with a 2nd opinion in hand.

In the report, there are excellent explanations why closure and privatization would not be good or work at ORH. At the same time, the IMG report does state that it may be a long shot, but the most viable PPP (public private partnership--page 29) would be an operations contract.

"A private partner could potentially be convinced to take over operations for a 5 to 10 yearperiod, with strong incentive for increasing air service, the primary purpose of such an arrangement."

Imagine this would be similar to the DCU Center. Although the City of Worcester owns the DCU, we bring in a management company to bring attractions. Is there an private partner who would be interested??? I do not know but it only makes sense to put together an RFP (Request for Proposal) and find out.

The IMG report is really alot better then I initially had thought, but the real question is will we follow the recommendations.

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