November 18, 2005

Primary Trade Area

In the IMG report, ORH primary trade area is described as anyone within 20 minute drive. Now that ORH is considering a charge for parking (35 per initially increase to 42 per week), I think many of these people in the primary trade area will not get dropped off and picked up?
Myself why would I park and pay $42 when I can have someone else drop me off and pick me living so close by.

In essence, charging for parking will make it less convenient (having to bug family/friends to drop off and pick up) and will not create the revenues that are forecast . Citing the IMG report again, convenience, location and ticket price are the main drivers or airport selection (page 59). If we truly want to target cost-conscious non-stop leisure travelers (page 39), we should be offering free parking (page 61).

Why pay for $100,000 study and not listen to the recommendations?

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