November 22, 2005

Anonymous Comments Not Accepted

Earlier today, some comments were posted on the blog from "abused taxpayer" who has set up a blog as well, Actually some very good points were brought up like the IMG report indicated that the City would owe the FAA 8,500,000 if the airport was closed. All the numbers that I have ever heard were in the $25-$30 million dollar range. We should look into this further.

Just now I deleted all these comments. Not because the comments differ from my opinion, but because I just do not think we can have people post comments anonymously. If you want to disagree, fine but you need to state who you are.

For the record, if things do change up ORH fast, I may join the "abused taxpayer" to close ORH. Airlines like Hooters and USA3000 need to be recruited now for this winter season. Everyday that passes we will miss the winter season for these leisure carriers.



1 comment:

Joe Gargery said...

Sorry Bill, but I don't need Nemeth publishing derogatory comments about me for my customers to read like he did to you.

Until Nemeth resigns, I will not be posting my real name or address. I am not, however, anonymous.

- Charley Farley (An abused taxpayer)