November 15, 2005

Parking Rates

There is an excellent summary of the goings on at ORH under item 3a) on tonight's City Council agenda.. There is also an update on parking.

Looks like the rates will be $5/day and $35/week (Dec 22-Feb28) then increase to $7/day and $42/week. Think the initial DOT application of 6 months of free parking, or even your first two days free (something along those lines), then followed by the above fee structure would have helped lure people back to ORH from the other airports that we compete against.

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Bill Randell said...

Steve, you bring up a great point. Ironically last night many retirees complained about a change to their health costs and benefits mid-year. Is there are an arguement from people who bought tickets from Allegiant out of ORH thinking parking would be be free?

Will they now feel that not enought notice was given? Will this leave a bad first impression??