November 23, 2005

`Welcome Charles Farley (aka abused taxpayer)

I would like to welcome Charles Farley (aka abused taxpayer) and author of . He brings some valuable insight to the blog.

Although I feel ORH is a great untapped asset, I will join Mr Farley (2,000,000 per year) to close ORH unless I see substantial changes at the airport. The next 18 months at ORH will determine its future.

If it is business as usual and the airport continues to lose $2,000,000 per year, whether it is subsidized or not by MassPort, I will join Mr Farley (aka abused taxpayer). Can we get some clarification on the FAA number that is owed?? IMG reports 8.5 million while prior press releases typically mention 25-30 million.



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