November 04, 2005

Three Studies

I have forward this post to our airport liason, Phil Niddrie.

We have added a link to FlyWorcester to our blog. Instead of waiting for the November report on the the status of the three studies:

  1. Leigh Fisher 20 Year Master Plan
  2. IMG
  3. New England Study

Base your answers from the last report that you filed with the City Council in October. Instead giving us the whole report there are three questions that I have received time and time again:

  1. when is the next community meeting with Leigh Fisher tentatively scheduled?
  2. when can the results of IMG be expected?
  3. when is the next release of any findings or the next planned meeting from the New England Study coming?

Answers to these three specific questions would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to your answers posted here.



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