November 15, 2005

Meeting With Airport Liason

Some of us are going to meeting with Airport Liason Phil Niddrie next week.. Some of the things we intend to discuss are listed below. Please add a comment here or e-mail me if you want to add anything to the agenda:

1) Highly recommend a trip by the City Manager/Mayor to Philadelphia to meet with USA3000/Apple Vacation.

2) Highly recommend a trip by the City Manager/Mayor to Mytrle Beach to meet with Hooters Air.

3) Highly recommend that we invite William Herp of Linear Air to Worcester.

4) Highly recommend that we invite President (forgot name) of Cape Air to Worcester.

5) Highly recommend airport board minutes to be placed on the official website of the city


6) Status of the Leigh Fisher Master Plan?

7) Status of the New England Regional Air Study Plan?

8) Status of the RFP for the restaurant slot?

10) Status Free wifi?

11) Status of parking (free or fee)?

12) Status of new signs


13) Privatization should we look into an RFP?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did you ever end up meeting with our airport liason to discuss these issues? I was waiting for a post on its outcome, but it never came.