June 26, 2008

City Manager Grading Final Thoughts

I was just thinking how the City Manager is in the 2nd year of his five year contract. The fact that we gave the City Manager a 5 year contact doesn't it almost make the annual grading system irrelevent? What are we going to do fire the City Manager, have to keep paying him for the remainder of the contract and hire another City Manager?


Tracy Novick said...

I was thinking that. But, then, I don't remember where Tom Hoover was in his contract when they fired him. Can he be terminated at any time?

Bill Randell said...

I really can not remember any City Manager have an actual contract? Could be wrong but I always thought the City Manager was an employee just like any other employee, no contract.

The fact we have a 5 year contract pretty much makes the comment "I can be fired any given Tuesday" moot. Sure it can happen, but realistically no way.

Bill Randell said...

By the way, I give the City Manager a solid B overall. We need big improvement in Economic development and a stoppage in any more low income developments.