June 23, 2008

WoMag on Skating Rink

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Thanks Jahn


Anonymous said...

Any chance we can close 3, 4, or 5 polling sites in Tatnuck, "Upper" Main St, and Mill St areas and move them to the Airport?

It Would get warm bodies up to the airport (can't hurt right?) and we could save on polling site expenses like police details......or....maybe we could use the security and rescue force already up there instead of police details??? Also no worry about finding a parking spot.

Could even hold an airport bake sale and give free tours??

I understand all the old geezers working at polling sites are volunteers anyway so that wouldnt be a consideration???

I was just thinking....a smart criminal looking to make a heist would be wise to choose a 2nd Tuesday in November that still has loads of constr detail work occurring.....cops will be all tied up with non-police/civilian type work......and/or all tired from a 12 hr shift at polling sites.

Anonymous said...

I'm back on the blog and I have graded the city manager...surprised Wild Will has not made mention about the City Managers grade from the City Council

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! Paulie has updated his blog! We were beginning to wonder whether or not a name change for the blog was necessary, from Paulie's Point of View to Paulie's Comet for the amount of updates that occur so often...


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA


Love the porn star 'stache , Paulie !!