June 29, 2008

Downgrade To GA

Mentioned this last week, but might as well do it again. If the City Manager believes we can have ownership transferred to MassPort via outright sale or long-term lease in fiscal 2009, we should not downgrade now. Now, the city administration should prepare an analyis as to how much we can save if we were to downgrade per the recommendation of IMG in their $100,000 study.

In October/November if the prospects do not look good with MassPorts or another entity (Avports) and we do not have commercial service then we should take a look at the report detailing how much we can save by the downgrade and have a vote.

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Anonymous said...

Bill wrote:

"Now, the city administration should prepare an analyis...."

You should know by now that the city cannot simply 'prepare an analysis' without doing a feasibility study to determine if a consultant is justified to perform the actual analysis and make the recommendations.

Only after those steps are taken can the recommendations be ignored.

Seriously, they should have someone familiar with airport operations AND part 139 review the budget on a line-by-line basis to see what is REALLY needed, and what is not.

I personally cannot see the justification for any employees up there except a licensed airport manager with a CDL so he/she can plow the runways and mow the lawn.